Elementary S2 Ep16 – The One Percent Solution

Lestrade and Holmes shake hands and agree to work together on the case.

Overall, this episode was solid, and a good start on Elementary’s climb out of its sophomore slump.


Elementary S2 Ep16 - Sherlock brings home a pair of fighting cocks, to Joan's dismay. Joan returns to the brownstone to find a pair of fighting roosters in cages in the living room. Sherlock explains that he recently broke up an illegal cock-fighting ring and took home ‘Romulus’ and ‘Remus’ in order to try and rehabilitate them, boasting that with his method, the two vicious chickens will be living peacefully together within a few days. They receive a call from Captain Gregson and head off to the scene of the crime.

A bomb exploded earlier that morning in a upscale restaurant. It appears the bomber targeted a group of bankers and government workers at a luncheon, as their table was the most devastated. Gregson tells Sherlock and Joan that there is another consultant on the case, who is working for the bank that was targeted, and they must relay everything they learn to him. The consultant turns out to be none other than Sherlock’s old ‘partner’ on the Scotland Yard, Gareth Lestrade, back with a vengeance and a pretty female ‘assistant’ at his side.

They question two of the survivors, a secretary in the Department of Labor, Michelle Forrester, who organized the luncheon, and the restaurant owner, who points them in the direction of one of the waiters, John Bowden. Bowden had previously expressed radical political leanings, and only worked for 20 minutes before claiming he was sick and had to go home. Gregson calls Sherlock shortly thereafter, alerting him to the fact that a famous bomber named Aurelius has taken responsibility for the attack.

Back at the brownstone that night, Sherlock watches a video of Lestrade giving a lecture, during which Lestrade spouts quote after quote from Sherlock and toots his own horn. Joan encourages Sherlock to talk to Lestrade if it is bothering him enough to distract him from the case, but Sherlock denies it. He believes that Aurelius did not actually commit the crime, but someone is using his name as a scapegoat to throw off suspicion from the real bomber.

The next morning, Sherlock and Joan recreate the scene of the crime, using the seating chart given to them by Michelle Forrester, and conclude that the bomb was specifically aimed for the big rollers in the group: an executive of the bank, Laurence Iver, and the Director of the Department of Labor. One name in particular, given to the hotel attached to the restaurant, stands out to them as an obvious fake. When Lestrade gives Sherlock a ring, Sherlock blithely tells him he no longer suspects Aurelius and they’re about to meet with the bank’s CEO, who happens to be Lestrade’s boss.

Lestrade beats them to the punch, however, and is already there when they arrive. Sherlock notices a book on the CEO’s shelf, authored by the CEO himself, which clearly references the fake name that stood out previously. Pulling Lestrade aside, Sherlock demands to know if his boss was somehow involved in the planting of the bomb, and Lestrade becomes defensive and has them escorted from the building. They later review security tapes from the hotel attached to the restaurant and see Lestrade checking in under the fake name, which puts him squarely on their suspect list.

Lestrade visits them shortly thereafter and Sherlock lies about knowing Lestrade is involved. Lestrade brushes off his boss’ fake name as an alias he uses when he books hotel rooms in order to cheat on his wife, and turns their attention back to the server, Bowden. When he leaves, he attempts to talk Joan into becoming his new assistant, and Joan gives him a polite and noncommittal answer, also stealing his phone in the process.

Elementary S2 Ep16 - Lestrade struts around.Information on Lestrade’s phone reveals he was following Laurence Iver under the direction of his boss, who suspects Iver of planning to stage a coup. Lestrade then calls Sherlock to tell him he’s found the server, Bowden. Joan goes to the interrogation, which gives more evidence of the server’s innocence rather than him being guilty, while Sherlock does more digging on Lestrade and what he’s really doing. He surprises Lestrade in his hotel room and confronts him with the evidence that he’s been doing less than legal things for his boss.

Lestrade spills all: for years his boss has been sleeping with anyone and everyone he wants at any time he wants, and in exchange his sexual partners receive anything and everything they need to get ahead in life – money, job recommendations, expensive vacations or recreational vehicles, whatever it is they want. However, since coming to work for the bank’s CEO, Lestrade has taken over the job of approaching the potential partners, to protect his boss’ reputation. Lestrade admits to lying in order to impress Sherlock and in order to protect his own pride.

Later, the bank’s CEO receives a blackmail threat with information about his many indiscretions. Lestrade is understandably upset, as the only other people who know about the CEO’s affairs should be him and Sherlock. The blackmailer’s demands, however, break the case wide open.

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