Arrow S2 Ep14 – Time of Death

Arrow S2 Ep14 - Time of Death

After three long weeks of waiting Arrow is finally back with the episode, “Time of Death”. This episode was largely centered on the Lance family’s reunion as well as Felicity’s feelings of inadequacy on Team Arrow. These plights were explored while a new villain by the name of William Tockman, a.k.a. The Clock King, wreaked havoc in Starling City.

The Lance Sisters - Arrow S2 Ep14 - Time of Death

Laurel is not happy.

After the events of “Heir to the Demon”, Sara Lance’s presence in Starling City is now known and, with the exception of Laurel, the Lance and Queen families are trying their best to welcome her home. This led to a very awkward dinner scene with Ollie and the Lances. Detective Lance’s plans to have a family dinner and rekindle the fire between him and his ex-wife fail as we find out Dinah Lance has a new relationship back in Central City. In addition, Laurel is not pleased to see that Sara and Ollie are back together. Her anger is warranted of course. While she should be happy to see her sister alive again after so many years it has to be upsetting to see Ollie back with the girl he originally cheated on her with. I felt genuinely bad that Detective Lance’s plans to have a dinner to reunite the family blew up in his face. Afterwards we were treated to an interesting scene that was pivotal to the relationship between Ollie and Laurel as he told her to start owning up to her problems and to stop taking them out on her loved ones.

While a lot of the episode focused heavily on the Lance family, “Time of Death” also shed some light on Felicity feeling useless in Team Arrow. I never got the sense that she was jealous of the new relationship between Ollie and Sara, but that she felt she was becoming inadequate to the team in comparison to Sara. So, a lot of the episode showed Felicity trying to prove her worth after this week’s villain, William Tockman, burglarizes Kord Industries.

Arrow S2 Ep14 - Time of Death

Robert Knepper as The Clock King

William Tockman, a.k.a. The Clock King, was a worthy opponent to go up against Team Arrow. Having an almost super-human sense of timing he’s able to plan out the perfect heists by the second. He even manages to install a virus into Arrow’s computer system making Arrow’s hardware explode. Robert Knepper (Prison Break) played the villainous role quite well. He felt sinister throughout but never over-the-top. Tockman’s plight ended up being very similar to that of Mr. Freeze’s in Joel Schumacher’s critically panned Batman and Robin. It turned out Tockman was only trying to steal money to help pay for his sister’s medical bills. She has McGregor’s Syndrome, the same fake disease Mr. Freeze’s wife had in Batman and Robin. I found it odd that the writers of Arrow would make reference to such a blight on DC’s cinematic history, but they worked in the idea well in this episode.

Not that Felicity had to, but by the end of the episode she was able to show her worth. She played a pivotal role in taking down Tockman and even saved Sara Lance/Canary from being shot by taking a bullet for her. By the end of the episode Felicity was proud and happy with herself. I think its safe to say when Felicity is happy, the audience is happy.

“Time of Death” concluded with Sara and Laurel finally burying the hatchet and hugging it out. Unfortunately, Laurel had to go through some poor dialogue about how she “went on that boat too”  in order to officially apologize to Sara and accept her return. While that dialogue was definitely poorly written and heavy handed I still bought it and was glad to see Laurel reunite with her sister. Also, I’m happy to report that Laurel has started going to AA meetings. Hopefully, we’ll see her back to her old season one self in no time.

Overall, “Time of Death” was another satisfying addition to an amazing second season. I’m happy the Winter Olympics are over and Arrow is back in full swing. The final twist ending left me looking forward to things to come as Slade revealed his Starling City presence to Ollie. Hopefully, the next few episodes will fill us in on what exactly happened between the two of them in the past.

The only bad aspects of this episode I feel are worth pointing out are the island flashback scenes. Like most of this season’s episodes not many developments occur in these scenes. This week showed Sara connecting with a dying pilot of a crashed airplane. While those scenes were boring and felt pointless we find out that she has befriended Sin as a promise to that dying pilot who asked Sara to watch over her. Lastly, “Time of Death” was low on the Diggle. Diggle, who was one of the best characters in the show’s first season, hasn’t had much to do lately but deliver exposition and flex his muscles. This will all change in the season’s 16th episode premiering March 19th where Diggle will team up with Amanda Waller and her Suicide Squad (below). Until then, next week’s episode “The Promise” will focus on Slade and Ollie.

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