Supernatural, S9 Ep 14 – Captives

supernatural s9 ep14--Dean, Sam, and Kevin in the bunker kitchen

After a brief hiatus, Supernatural returns! And it starts off by recycling two old plot lines. Hopefully they won’t end the same way.

supernatural s9 ep14--Kevin Tran

Ghost Prophet! This Fall on the CW!

First off, I just need to say this: KEVIN! KEVIN IS BACK! Sort of. Since Metatron closed Heaven’s gates, no one can get through, so Kevin and everyone else who has died since then are all stuck in the veil. This is an interesting idea, and one I would probably ponder on a bit if it weren’t for Kevin’s awesomeness distracting me by gracing our screens again. KEVIN!

However, Kevin is a ghost, and we’ve been down this road before with Bobby. I don’t want a repeat of any season seven plot lines, but especially not that one. If Kevin doesn’t get magicked back into a body soon, then I want him to go to heaven with a minimum amount of mental trauma, thank you very much.

One of the reasons I loved seeing Kevin again is that he put his advanced placement skills to good use in two ways: one, he saved his mother from Crowley’s minion (I knew she wasn’t dead), and two, he told Sam and Dean that they were being immature idiots with this whole “not being brothers” thing. Unfortunately, the latter didn’t make an impression, because they just went off to their rooms at the end of the episode like moody teenagers.

But the best part about seeing Kevin was getting some closure, for both him and his mother. They got to see each other again, and for the foreseeable future be with each other. He got to see that she was alive, and she gets to take care of him while he’s in the veil. It’s not perfect, and it hurts that Ms. Tran has to outlive her son, but on Supernatural, this is almost a happy ending. And it’s always good to see Ms. Tran. I’d love to see her show up again, but I doubt she would want to have anything to do with the supernatural after it killed her boy.

supernatural s9 ep14--Bartholomew

RIP Bart. You were too boring to live.

The B plot of this episode was Castiel getting kidnapped by Bart’s minions and Bart trying to convince Cas to join him. I’m a bit tired of the angel plot lines because they just keep recycling the same ones over and over again. Another faction, another alliance, more dead angels. At least Cas showed some character growth, though, by refusing to fight this time (excepting the part where he killed Bart out of self-defense; there goes another angel baddie). He wants to win through peaceful means now. And he already has some followers, which is a little too reminiscent of his season six plot line, where he led the rebel angels against Raphael and became god (as one does…). But this time he seems to have learned the preciousness of life and that being willing to do anything to get the upper hand usually ends badly. As much as I love Cas, the angel story he’s caught up in is boring me. It’s a bunch of stuff we’ve seen before with forgettable villains who die too easily. At least Cas is actually making decisions for himself this time around instead of being manipulated and controlled by others. I’ll count that as a win.

supernatural s9 ep14--Dean talking to the haunted coffee maker

Dean having a heart-to-heart with a coffee maker.

For an episode that focused mostly on other characters, Sam and Dean still got a bit of character growth in. By which I mean they continued to grow as giant douche-nozzles who won’t get back together again even when their dead friend tells them to seize the day and not be asshats anymore. Kevin’s death has been a huge sore spot between the brothers, with both of them blaming themselves over it, but now that Kevin has told them that he doesn’t blame either one, they’ll have to find something new to brood over. So Sam is sticking to his stance of not being brothers anymore, and Dean is dealing with it by listening to music in his room like a totally mature adult. “Lonely Is the Night”? Excellent choice of song for your angsting needs!

This episode moved some pieces around on the chessboard, and gave a bit of new information on what’s going on with heaven being blocked off, but in the end it felt like we’re still waiting for something big to kick off the run-up to the finale. We’re still a few episodes away from when they usually get back to building the myth arc, so it looks like we’ll just have to sit tight with some more Monster of the Week episodes for now.

Speaking of MotWs, next week, there’s something strange in the neighborhood. Who ya’ gonna call? GHOSTFACERS!

supernatural s9 ep15--the Ghostfacers