Bitten S1 Ep7: Stalking

Bitten is still in that early phase where any major character aside from the main lead (in Bitten‘s case, Elena) could die at any time and never come back. It’s a phase I like — a couple of seasons into most supernatural shows and major character deaths become pretty non-existent, even if potentially fatal danger remains a theme. Disposable characters are brought in while the established core characters are so safe there’s no tension when they find themselves in life-or-death situations.  Right now, if a non-Elena character gets in a bad situation, there’s a pretty good chance they’ll die. “Stalking” sees one member of the pack go down, another evolve, and a third fight for his life, while we get some antagonist character development and two new, hopefully not disposable, female characters.  (Full spoilers ahead).

Nick ponders his father's secret dying words to him.

Nick ponders his father’s secret dying words to him.

“Stalking” starts with the pack still staring in horror at Stillwell’s eyeballs (as a refresher, Stillwell was the pack ally who was murdered to send a message — the message being his ripped out eyes in a wrapped package), when bad mutt Daniel Santos calls, confirms that he did it, and asks for a meeting, anywhere but Stonehaven. The pack is feeling cocky and agrees, but at a pavilion in an abandoned campground instead (’cause that sounds like a good meeting place for some reason). It turns out to be a very bad idea. Elena and Clay go to the pavilion to scout out the situation, where bad mutt Cain is scouting out them, and they spot a package that appears to be a booby trap. The real booby trap, as it turns out, is the road accident that is holding Jeremy and Tonio up. Being generally decent guys, they get out and go to help an injured young woman, who quickly pulls a knife. Santos (who is becoming a more engaging villain with every episode) and Cain ambush them with a brutal fight, seriously injuring Tonio.

Despite the pack’s best efforts back at Stonehaven, Tonio dies, after whispering something to his son Nick. Nick, a flirty, funny bad boy in the earlier episodes, predictably (and understandably) changes after witnessing his father’s death. After the adrenaline of the day starts to wear off, Jeremy collapses. He’s been stabbed several times himself, though he insists it’s nothing serious.

Turns out Cain has a girlfriend, and she wants to be bitten.

Turns out Cain has a girlfriend, and she wants to be bitten.

Meanwhile, we learn that the “injured woman” from the ambush is Cain’s girlfriend. She knows Cain is a werewolf, and wants him to bite her so they can be like a wolf Bonnie and Clyde. Cain, who seems to actually really love her, refuses. Soon after, Cain has a run-in with Elena and Clay, who’ve been tracking him, gets into a fistfight with Elena, and is nearly strangled by Clay, before being taken back to Stonehaven, where he’s put in the cage for questioning. By this time, Jeremy’s condition has worsened and they begin to suspect that he’s been poisoned.

In addition to all of this, Logan has decided that, even with Tonio’s death, he’s not returning to Stonehaven, choosing instead to put Rachel and their unborn child first. Another body, a townie named Michael Braxton, turns up in town, leading the Sheriff to investigate the pack again. Philip also gets his own (Elena-free) storyline, which introduces Zoe, and old work friend and genius techie who helps him find the person who uploaded the werewolf video he needs for his ad campaign. As it turns out, she’s his ex, and still seems very interested in him, but Philip stays loyal to Elena. Which is actually pretty impressive, considering Elena ditched him at his sister’s wedding and hasn’t been home since.

Overall, an eventful episode. Santos is becoming more interesting, Cain is becoming more interesting, the pack is becoming more interesting, and, clearly, the story is just getting good.

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