The Walking Dead S4 Ep11 – Claimed

Eugene and Abraham take down a horde of walkers.

It’s time to start getting comfortable with these new people.


Tara and a passed out Glenn are riding in the back of the giant truck that pulled up at the end of the last episode. When the truck comes to a stop in front of a road blockage, Tara moves to shoot the zombies that are approaching the back, but Mr. Ginger Mustache Military Man insists on taking them out by hand instead. He smiles and jokes as he does it, which Tara calls him out for, and he cryptically answers that he is “the luckiest guy in the world.”

Michonne broods in her oversized shirt.In the meantime, Carl and Michonne share a laugh over her oversized shirt and wanting soy milk to go with their cereal, until Carl remembers that Judith is dead. Michonne goes to find Rick, who is rummaging through drawers and cupboards and he thanks her for making Carl laugh. He appreciates her attempts to befriend Carl, since he can’t be both a friend and a father to him. Michonne offers to take Carl out scavenging while Rick rests and recovers, and we can see (and hear, from his wheezing breaths) that Rick is still in pretty bad shape.

While scavenging, Michonne again tries to get Carl to laugh, with less success, since he’s now got Judith on his mind. When crazy cheese doesn’t work, she offers to tell him more about her past, and her three-year-old son Andre, who died shortly after “everything happened.” Carl is eager to learn more about Michonne and promises to keep the fact that she had a son “secret.”

Rick hides under the bed from a gang of men invading his temporary homebase.


Rick is rudely awakened from his beauty sleep by a group of men invading the house he and Carl had been staying in. He manages to crawl under the bed he was sleeping on and remain hidden, even as one of the men decides to get his nap on right above him (we’ll call him Sleepy). Another man (let’s roll with the Snow White and Seven Dwarfs theme and call him Grumpy) comes in and lays claim to the same bed, and they fight over it like apes, Sleepy choking out Grumpy inches from Rick’s face. Thankfully, Grumpy passes out before he can let Sleepy know that there’s a monster under the bed.

Michonne discovers a creepy painting, and upon closer investigation, finds the bodies of what appear to be four children, who were killed out of “mercy” by their mother, who then also killed herself. Shaken, Michonne lies to Carl about the bodies. In a touching exchange, Carl suggests that maybe Andre and Judith are together now.

After being on the road for another three hours, Glenn finally wakes up and forces the truck to stop. He is determined to go back to the school bus and find Maggie. Mr. Ginger stops him and introduces himself as Abraham Ford, and his companions as Dr. Eugene Porter and Rosita Espinosa. They are apparently on their way to Washington, DC to create a cure for the zombie outbreak, and Ford attempts to convince Glenn to accompany them, but Glenn is less than convinced. Ford tries a different tactic, arguing that Maggie is probably dead, prompting Glenn to punch Ford right in his stupid mustache. Of course then a fight breaks out, and zombies pick this moment as perfect for approaching.

Doctor Eugene Porter sports a mullet.

Feeling mighty sketchy about this dude…

Genius Dr. Eugene (who I have suspicions about being an actual doctor, because the only kind of doctor that would wear a mullet would be a self-proclaimed ‘Love Doctor’) makes the weakest attempt in the history of ever at shooting the approaching walkers, becoming panicked enough to even shoot a hole in the gas tank of their only mode of transportation. After the dust settles, Ford & Co. find themselves vehicle-less, so Rosita opts to follow Glenn, because what else is there to do? Eugene also follows, stating they can always find another operational vehicle later and telling Ford to come along as well, because he’s “smarter than you.” Um, I’d like to disagree there, dude. I’m wondering how one survives this long into the zombie apocalypse without learning how to handle a gun.

Crawling out from under the bed, Rick makes his way to another room, attempting to open the windows and escape, only to find them closed. Another man, who we’ll name Bouncy for his habit of bouncing a neon green baseball around wherever he goes, nearly discovers him, but is called away when someone discovers Michonne’s shirt, and realizes she will be back soon to get it. Rick also realizes that Carl and Michonne are indeed on their way back, and tries to get to Sleepy’s gun when he is called away, but is forced to retreat again, this time stumbling into another “dwarf”‘ in the bathroom, who we’ll name Bashful. Rick manages to subdue Bashful and take his gun, crawling out the window and dropping to the ground from the roof.

Bouncy makes a return, sitting and relaxing on the porch above Rick, just as Carl and Michonne are approaching the house. Rick hesitates a moment, then prepares to kill Bouncy in order to keep him from seeing Carl and Michonne and alerting his friends, but (luckily?) walkers approach the other side of the house or are discovered inside (it’s not entirely clear) and Bouncy goes inside to see what’s going on. Rick makes a break for it, meeting up with with Michonne and Carl. Traveling down some familiar looking train tracks, they discover another sign pointing them to familiar “sanctuary” at the end of the tracks and decide to try their luck there.

Anyways, walking down the road back towards the Prison, Ford talks to Tara and compliments her loyalty to Glenn. She rebuffs his compliment, well aware that he doesn’t know the first thing about her. She also zeroes in on exactly on why Rosita and Eugene want to get to DC (Eugene thinks he can help and Rosita is enamored with Ford), but questions what is really driving Ford to escort the world’s dumbest doctor across hundreds of miles of walker territory. You go, Tara. Everyone knows there’s something fishy about these new people, and I’m glad you recognize it.

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