Castle S6 Ep16 – Room 147

Well, this episode probably was the most bewildered I think I have been at a Castle plot – at least in a good long while. Nicely done, show. I guessed some of the twists, but not right away, and not all of them.

Castle thinks this is outstanding

Castle thinks it’s “outstanding” that with another person confessing, their case is becoming interesting again.

This week, an amateur actor is found shot to death in Room 147 of a “Best Traveler” hotel. Three people who at first glance have no connections to each other confess to the murder one after another, giving precise details that only the killer could know. All three of them have alibis for the time of death. All of them are convinced they actually killed poor Justin, though they can’t say why.

I did actually think each of the confessors’ memories of the murder looked like a movie before it was revealed that the creepy self-help group leader hired Justin to portray the victim for his group. Not too hard to guess that kind of thing, whenever the plot involves a struggling amateur actor…

Beckett’s affectionate grin when Castle started spouting his theory of a psychic connection between the real murderer and the three false confessors was pretty adorable. But she’s right: Castle is definitely cute when he gets excited about a theory. Also, I’m taking Castle (and later Beckett) saying, “I like the weird stuff” as a shoutout to Dr. Horrible. Which makes me very happy.

Another thing that made me happy: the whole storyline with Beckett and Alexis. I am very pleased that the show writers had Beckett have an honest, open conversation with Alexis, where Beckett could air her fear that Alexis was bothered by her current role in Castle’s life. Plus, it totally made sense to have Alexis be open with Beckett about her regrets over moving in with Pi, and her guilt keeping her from going to her dad for help. I will readily admit, like the sucker for father-daughter moments that I am, I teared up a little at the end. Awww, Alexis and her dad. Yay for stupid Pi being gone, and for intelligent, believable (and sweet) developments as a result of his brief existence on the show.

The family - including Beckett - is together again. Aww.

The family is together again. Aww.

It’s a bit disturbing to think that the human mind is suggestible enough that you could be given a dose of a drug and then made to basically forget the past two weeks of your life. It seems weird to me that none of the three people who confessed to the crime thought to wonder before what was causing their hazy memories of those two weeks. But I’ve never dealt with any serious memory issues (…that I recall), so I don’t know how I would respond, I guess. On the other hand, re: human beings’ ability to be manipulated, Beckett telling Castle, “How do you know what I do to you while you’re asleep?” and his reply of, “Whoa. Well, whatever it is, wake me up for it next time, ‘kay?” was amusing and sweet.

Next week’s episode is apparently going to be quite intense. I’ll be right here watching! How about you?


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