Almost Human S1 Ep12 – Beholder

That was a nice standalone with good continuity, as well as a kind of bittersweet, Fringe-y storyline. First we have the white (or white enough, anyway) tulips on the screen at the beginning. Awww. And then, of course, the main guest star is Michael Eklund, who played Milo on the very memorable seasons three Fringe episode, “The Plateau.” I don’t know that I’d call him a perfect physical specimen, but he is striking and not hard on the eyes. He’s also a good character actor.

It was good to have some follow-up about Chromes and their life, plus the way they fit into the society of the show. Minka Kelly even acted, some, in her interactions at the Chrome club. Not a whole lot, but then all the Chromes we’ve seen have seemed kind of, well, beautiful but plastic – so maybe it’s an actual choice by the show? (Probably not.) Anyway, their fears of imperfection were interesting. And there were even some believable hints of friendship between Stahl and Maldonado.

Gotta have a few creepy science procedures for every sci-fi show.

Gotta have a few creepy science procedures for every sci-fi show.

The old ‘killing people to harvest things from them’ plot has certainly been done a number of times. And it’s a bit odd when the shows that use it also try to make us feel sympathy for these serial killers ending people’s lives for their own gain. Still, Eklund managed to make me pity his character at least a little, during his conversation with the blind lady. I suppose Kennex was supposed to be feeling sorry for him at the end, too. I’m sorrier for the blind lady, though, who didn’t know that the one guy she felt she could connect with was actually a sociopath.

Dorian teasing John over his many imperfections was amusing. I especially enjoyed John’s crack about the “relationship” between Dorian and John’s ‘smart bed’ – and Dorian remarking on John’s constantly furrowed brow. Ha! Don’t worry, Karl Urban, there’s nothing wrong with your face.

It was nice to get another mention of Dorian’s voice-mimicking abilities – also good to know that he can’t do it just magically without actually hearing it first. Also always creepy to see him inject stuff into himself in order to analyze it.

The "virtopsy" was a nice touch.

The “virtopsy” was a nice touch, even though Rudy was just played for laughs again.

I wasn’t sure what to make of Dorian’s expert on the black market. He didn’t add much to the episode – I preferred the other guy that Dorian beat up or threatened or whatever in a previous week. Maybe if the show had time to develop his character… but considering that Rudy is still barely not a caricature at this point, I don’t hold out a lot of hope for that. Especially since the show is still very likely over after next week.

What did you think? Did it grab your attention, or would you just as soon leave the show in the future and never come back to it? Let us know below.


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