‘Heroes’ Reborn with 13 episode mini-series

So remember 4 years ago when NBC canceled Heroes and there was instant uproar?

Yeah, neither do we. In fact, to be honest, we’d stopped watching 2 years before.

But, why?

But, why?

Heroes was one of those shows that had so much potential, and in that first year delivered some amazing storytelling, and then everything just kind of fell apart. By the time it was over, most of the people we knew who were still watching were really only doing so because it was like a train wreck they just couldn’t look away from. This wasn’t a show for which fans were clamoring for more. This was a series where most were hoping it would end so they could finally get away.

And so it is to great confusion that Heroes Reborn was announced this weekend. A 13 part mini-series event set for a 2015 release. The series will bring back original creator Tim Kring, and introduce an entirely new set of heroes, though you can never rule out the return of some familiar faces.

It seems to be a universal belief that this is NBC’s attempt to cash in on Fox’s copying of the foreign television model. The one where quantity of a show isn’t everything, as very few other countries have ever followed the US 22 episode a season model. Fox has successfully done so with new series like Sleepy Hollow and The Following, and 24 will return as a limited series soon too. Only, there was always hope for more of 24 (plans for a film are still in the works), and it’s unclear why NBC would decide to revive a show which died a miserable death.

Heroes Reborn will air sometimes in 2015. But will you be watching?