Kaiser Chiefs premiere video for ‘Coming Home’

The Kaiser Chiefs have premiered a video for “Coming Home”, the first single off their upcoming album Education, Education, Education & War.

Check it out below:

First off, the video immediately made me think of that advertisement for Johnnie Walker whisky that Robert Carlyle did a few years back. If you haven’t seen it, you should check it out. It’s pretty rad.

Kaiser Chiefs - Coming HomeNow the song itself. I’ll admit, I used to be a big Kaiser Chiefs fan, but the last album, The Future Is Medieval, left something to be desired. It’s the first album of theirs that I didn’t purchase. Sadly, if this single is meant to bring me back, it’s not working. The track isn’t bad, it’s just forgettable. It feels a bit slow, and lacks the hook you expect from a Kaiser Chiefs single. Just writing this story has put “I Predict A Riot” back in my head, and has me longing for those first couple albums and bouncing around in my car as I listened to them while driving down the 5.

It’s entirely possible the rest of Education, Education, Education & War is reminiscent of those classic tracks I miss, but “Coming Home” doesn’t have me rushing to find out. And knowing that Nick Hodgson (the bands former drummer, and chief songwriter) quit last year doesn’t bode well.

Kaiser Chiefs new album – Education, Education, Education & War – will be released in March.