Castle S6 Ep15 – Smells Like Teen Spirit

This was a fun, sweet episode, with some very funny moments and great reaction shots, as well as an interesting central mystery. It reminded me a bit of the time-travel episode in the lack of a concrete, final explanation. Very X-Files. (More on that later.)

Beckett reacts to the arrival of Castle's old principal - just one of many priceless reaction shots in this ep.

Beckett reacts to the arrival of Castle’s old principal – just one of many priceless reaction shots in this ep.

This week’s ep centers around the death of Madison, the leader of the mean girls at a NY prep school. She appears to have been killed by an unseen, telekinetic force, slamming her into the ceiling of her room. This is after another mysterious event at the prep school cafeteria, wherein a girl who is decidedly not popular gets picked on by Madison and her crew and then appears to shove all the tables & chairs away from herself, with her mind. That girl, Jordan, has been wondering whether she is developing telekinetic power. Castle, of course, compares the situation to Carrie and can’t wait to tell Stephen King all about it. Hee. But skeptical Beckett insists there’s a logical explanation.

Meanwhile, Castle is full of nostalgia over going back to the school he would have graduated from if he hadn’t been expelled for a cow-related prank. Sam Anderson (whom you might know as Holland Manners from Angel) as the principal who still definitely remembers “Mr. Rogers” was a great addition to the episode. And it makes sense with Beckett’s character that she would have skipped her senior prom because she was too rebellious and cool.

Other things: when Jordan’s aunt said, about Jordan, “She doesn’t have a lot of friends – she just spends all her time in front of her computer,” my sister and I rolled our eyes. Do adults in this day and age really not know about the concept of online friends for their teenage/young adult kids? (Almost Human did that just this week, which is even less plausible since that’s supposed to be set in the future).

Is Jordan moving the table telekinetically? (Spoiler: no.)

Is Jordan moving the table telekinetically? (Spoiler: no.)

I’m glad Beckett & Castle didn’t expend too much energy worrying about ‘their song’ for the wedding. I adore music, but I just can’t see that as one of the most important things about wedding/reception planning.

Also, the special effects whiz kid Lucas’ use of cerulean blue has to have been an X-Files reference, right? We do know there are plenty of X-philes among the Castle gang.

It made me happy to have Esposito state definitively that the fact that a girl reads comic books doesn’t make her weird. Way to go, Esposito.

At the end, it almost seemed like Beckett was just telling Castle they hadn’t found any evidence of wires or magnets in Lucas’s house in order to give him a thrill. Or was Lucas really telekinetic? Either way, I have to say his explanations for how he did all of those things with special effects lacked a certain amount of conviction.

So what did you think? Were you taken in by the video Facetime call, or just waiting (like I was) to see how they would or wouldn’t explain it? Let us know in the comments!


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