The Walking Dead S4 Ep10 – Inmates

Daryl and Beth flee after the fall of the Prison.

After spending last week with Michonne, Rick, and Carl, it’s now time to catch up to what the rest of the group was up to while Rick recovered, Carl grumped, and Michonne wandered around and killed zombies.

Recap Time!

Daryl and Beth run through the woods and fields, taking out walkers left and right, as Beth narrates an entry from her diary. As they begin to tire, it becomes clear that the entry was written when the group first arrived at the Prison, and Beth’s voiceover admits that she is committing herself to writing down her hopes, in order to make them come true. Her voice tells us of her dream that the Prison will be a safe place for the group to stay for the rest of their lives, as, in real-time, she and Daryl collapse exhausted in a field.

That night, Beth insists they ‘do something’ to find the scattered people of their group and heads out into the night against Daryl’s warning. She returns unharmed the next morning, having made no progress. They travel through more woods, and happen upon a set of tracks and a pile of dead walkers. Beth seems to think there might be live people at the end of the tracks, but Daryl points out that having hope is pointless, and that Hershel was the only thing keeping the group together back at the Prison. Beth is not happy about this. They find a group of walkers eating a fresh kill beside a set of train tracks. After Daryl dispatches them, Beth stares at a lonely shoe, and breaks down in tears. Unsure and also a little upset at being unsure, Daryl walks down the tracks a little ways, then stops and turns back to look at Beth. Later, Beth tears the pages out of her diary to feed to the fire.


Creepy Lizzie and Mika are also making their way through the woods. Mika is sniffling and crying softly, wanting Carol, and Lizzie tells her to stop. They both call to Tyreese up ahead, asking how much longer they’ll be walking, and he turns, revealing baby Judith (HUZZAH!) in his arms. That night, by a small and meager fire, Judith cries fussily, calling walkers and forcing them to flee, and of course is not very happy the next day either. After a diaper change pit-stop, they hear a woman’s scream somewhere off in the woods. Tyreese hands the baby to Lizzie (I’ve got a bad feeling about this), a gun to Mika, and tells the terrified Mika that she’s tough and for the both of them to stay together before running off to investigate.

Mika and Lizzie walk hand-in-hand down the railroad tracks.

Stop smiling, you creepy little girl.

He comes across a what seems to be a mother, father, and son being attacked by walkers next to a familiar set of train tracks. Tyreese immediately sets to work on the walkers, as Lizzie, Mika, and Judith cower in the woods, Judith’s cries drawing the walkers ever closer. The mother goes down quickly, followed by the son, and Tyreese is unable to stop the father from being bitten. As walkers close in on the three little girls, Mika begs Lizzie to stop Judith from crying, and she very coldly covers the baby’s face, and Judith’s cries go quiet. Tyreese hears a gunshot back towards the woods, and turns around to find Carol (DOUBLE HUZZAH!) with the girls. The father, grieving and doomed to die, tells Tyreese, Carol, and the girls to head up the tracks, where there is a safe place, a community of survivors. They begin following the tracks, and a map posted beside it tells them they are going towards a place called ‘Terminus’. (Which, coincidentally, rhymes with ‘ominous’. Or maybe not coincidentally?????)


Maggie, still wearing her wedding ring, sharpens her knife on a rock while Sasha treats Bob’s shoulder wound. Bob seems incredibly happy to be alive, and especially friendly with Sasha, who ignores his out-of-place happiness. After Bob is patched up, Maggie tells them to stay put Maggie, Sasha, and Bob stand over a pile of dead walkers.while she searches for the bus that drove away with Glenn and the other weakened survivors in it. Bob and Sasha insist that they stay together and go with her. Walking down the road, Bob continues half-flirting with Sasha, and they find the bus stopped in the middle of the road, abandoned. Maggie is stricken.

As they approach, the bus erupts into activity, being full of walkers. Maggie is desperate to know whether Glenn is inside, and with Sasha and Bob’s help, opens the bus’s back door, and kills every walker that spills out, even smashing one walker’s head in against the side of the bus. Jumping inside the fly-ridden cabin, she lifts a dead body off of one dark-haired male walker, wearing a dark blue shirt, who attacks her immediately. The walker’s face is never shown, and she knifes it, then sits back and sobs, heart-broken. (Ugh! Just tell us already whether it’s Glenn or not!)

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