Bitten: S1 Ep 6: Committed

Bitten‘s Episode 1.6 has stalking, torture, a wedding, and a baby (maybe?), making it one of the busiest episodes yet, which isn’t always a good thing. As the plot escalates, it’s sometimes hard to keep all of the characters straight. Or, more specifically, it’s hard to keep all of the wolf dudes straight. Another reason more wolf women (not to mention a few more non-white wolves) would be nice. If there is going to be so many outlying characters, it would help if they didn’t all kind of look alike. But anyway.

Elena is back in Toronto with Philip, getting ready for his sister Becky’s wedding. While they’re out shopping for a wedding gift, Elena spots (and recognizes) the mutt Daniel Santos. She pretty much freaks out, and comes up with a cover story for Philip when they get home: she says that she thought she saw a man named Victor Olson, a neighbor of one of her foster families growing up. From what she said, Victor like to use bunnies to lure children into a chicken coop, and while that’s as far as she got, it’s clear nothing good happened after that. Especially when you remember that Victor Olson is the recently-released prisoner being groomed by the mutt Zachary Cain. Yet we know it’s a lie — she clearly saw Daniel, not Victor. This is cleared up later when Elena meets with Logan and tells him of the lie. Logan (being her therapist as well as pack brother) is one of the few people who know about Elena’s childhood, including the real story of Victor Olson, whom Elena helped put behind bars.

Elena and Philip have a less-than-truthful heart-to-heart.

Elena and Philip have a less-than-truthful heart-to-heart.

Meanwhile, back at Stonehaven, the pack gets word from Tonio that they are the only pack being targeted by the mutts. Clay is more concerned with Elena, who, he points out, will be a mutt herself if she refuses to return to the pack — and it will be Clay’s job to make her life a living hell (shoulda thought of that before purposefully biting her, though, Clay). As Clay and Jeremy discuss this, yet another wolf comes to the door. This time it’s Samuel Boggs, an apparent mutt who blames the pack for the death of his (also wolf) father. He says flat-out that he wants the power of the pack, but he doesn’t want the rules, essentially challenging Jeremy to a fight for Alpha.

Clay beats the crap out of him.

After a Toronto break, where Elena decides to officially move in with Philip, Stonehaven gets a call from Nick, who’s off doing his own investigating, tells them that Dennis Stillwell is dead, possibly killed by Cain and another mutt. His eyes have been removed. Stillwell, apparently, is an ally of the pack. As Clay starts to insist to Jeremy that the pack needs to reinstate “mutt hunts” (Haven’t they been doing that? Is he talking about rounding up all non-pack werewolves, regardless of whether they’re dangerous? Just how many wolves are out there?), Boggs returns to challenge Jeremy to a one-on-one fight without Clay.

Jeremy beats the crap out of him.

Boggs learns not to mess with Jeremy and Clay

Boggs learns not to mess with Jeremy and Clay.

Instead of kicking him out again, they hold Boggs for questioning by the now-notorious Clay, who tortures him by wrapping plastic wrap around his head. When Clay tells Jeremy that Boggs is of no use to them and he expects he will stay far away from them from then on, Jeremy orders him to “make an example” of Boggs, giving him a pair of pliers. For the first time, it appears that Clay doesn’t especially enjoy brutality — he does it for Jeremy. Dutifully, Clay removes Boggs’ claws and teeth.

Back in Toronto, the wedding is going well. Philips mother is even starting to like Elena. Unfortunately, Daniel has found her at the reception and confronts her, telling her that Clay is a danger to her and asking her to align with him (she refuses). Jeremy calls her, concerned, and Clay, still covered in Boggs’ blood, calls her, emotionally telling her that he’s “done things” and begging her to come home. Top top it off, she finds a small package in her jacket pocket addressed to Jeremy.

Rachel and Logan get some unexpected news.

Rachel and Logan get some unexpected news.

Through all of this, Logan and Rachel discover that she’s pregnant. Neither are thrilled with the unexpected pregnancy, Rachel because she wants to stay focused on her career, Logan because… well, you know. After some thought, Rachel starts to warm to the idea of a baby. In an episode where werewolf father/son relationships are a recurring theme (in addition to Boggs and Jeremy and Clay, Tonio and Nick, who I didn’t realize were father and son until this episode, have a bonding moment), the question whether the werewolf is genetic still remains. We know Jeremy and Clay are not biological father and son. We don’t know yet about the others, but even if they are, were the sons born that way, or were they bitten by their own fathers? If it’s genetic, what happens if a girl is conceived? Are human wives/mothers exempt from the “kill any human who witnesses a werewolf” thing? Is Rachel about to become a lead?

“Commitment” ends the same way every episode of Bitten seems to end: with Elena returning to Stonehaven, this time with a foreboding box of eyeballs in her pocket.


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