Almost Human S1 Ep11 – Disrupt

So we’re finally back to airing episodes when they were supposed to air – hopefully for good. It was a good episode, too. I was pleased with how well the Dorian side plot worked. When we started out with the scene of Rudy looking worried and giving a rather pathetic explanation for his actions, I was a bit bored. I should have had more faith, though.

As soon as there was swimming, I knew she was going to drown.

As soon as there was swimming, I knew she was going to drown.

The main plot was handled well. I’m glad they didn’t go with a more blatant “Stand Your Ground”-type crime having set the whole thing off; the ‘smart home’ security system felt all too possible, as did the killing of the kid because of it. And AI starting to kill its users is always creepy. The fact that it wasn’t a random glitch was a good touch, allowing the plot to go in a less cliched direction.

It was fun for Kennex and Stahl to have the chance to dress up all Alias-style. Too bad Minka Kelly still can’t act, because seeing her attempt a Sydney Bristow swagger would have been extra fun. At least we got Karl Urban with his real Aussie accent, which I loved getting to hear. The hacker kid wasn’t a fantastic actor, but at least he seemed to be getting into it.

The actress who played Emily, the girlfriend of the kid who was killed, was decent. I liked that her motivation was both revenge and guilt for having been the reason he was in position to be killed. Her scheme made for a tense and engaging climactic scene, kind of first-person-shooter-esque. Plus, we got a good emotional scene from Dorian talking her down from shooting herself.

Yeah, you'll never be Sydney.

Yeah, you’ll never be Sydney.

Another small thing I enjoyed was that the mother of the kid was apparently a member of a church, but was not either Catholic nor stark-raving crazy. Those are the usual choices for religious folks on TV, especially if they’re white. In fact, she seemed sympathetic and sane – if unforgivably ignorant about the internet. In a society where so much is supposedly online, it seems impossible that she wouldn’t even have guessed that her loner son who spent all his time using his computer would have online friends.

Lastly, the actual reason Rudy was looking so concerned as he de-bugged Dorian (not a euphemism) was just the kind of thing I was hoping they’d do with Dorian’s character. Now we can wonder if Dr. Vaughn left some buried treasure in Dorian’s programming to help him in his evil genius plans – and either way, what’s with the sick boy in the hospital bed? Also, no one better deactivate Dorian.

Of course, this is all ignoring the elephant looming in the room now: there are only two more episodes filmed of this show, period, and there’s been no renewal announcement yet. I’m afraid we’re just now seeing all the intriguing pieces of this puzzle, and we’ll never get to see it completed. What about you? Ready for Dorian and Kennex to be deactivated forever? Let us know in the comments.


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