Bitten S1 ep 5: Bitten

This week’s Bitten took some time out to give us backstory on Elena and Clay’s ex-romance, and Clay comes out looking like a dog. Not only was he a really, really bad boyfriend, he might even be the whole reason the mutts have banded together and started their reign of terror.

Elena’s turn from human to werewolf wasn’t exactly what I expected. I figured Elena was bitten by accident during sex or something, but that’s not how it went down at all. In flashbacks, we learn that as a student, Elena was hired as a typist by Clay, a professor at her college. They fell in love, got engaged, and Clay brought her home to meet the family — specifically, Jeremy, his pack Dad, at Stonehaven. Jeremy was not happy to hear about the engagement, and was angry that Clay had even brought her home. As Elena sits uncomfortably trying to have a conversation with Jeremy while Clay is out of the room, what she thinks is a big dog comes in, and she tries to pet him. Of course, the “dog” is actually Clay in wolf form, and he gives her a nasty bite on the hand. Remember, the werewolves are fully aware in wolf form — he did it on purpose. Even though no woman had survived the change. He clearly had the romantic notion that if Elena was a werewolf, Jeremy would have to accept her, but considering the mortality rate for women, it would be fair to assume that the bite would kill her. Bad fiance.

Of course, Elena did survive the change, and an impressed Jeremy did accept her. When Clay approaches Elena, who has been caged for her first transformation, she tells him she just wants him to hold her. Before you can say “wait, what?” she throws him to the ground and walks out.

Despite her moment of clarity, Elena stays at Stonehaven under Jeremy’s care (somewhat understandable, considering) and stays with Clay, partnering with him to track down and confront mutts. We later learn from Daniel, who is trying to rejoin the pack after living as a mutt for a while, that Elena was sort of the “good cop” of the two. Once she finally left Stonehaven the first time, it was just Clay, the brutal “bad cop,” and it was because of his brutality that the mutts banded together and started building an army of killer werewolves to take down the pack.

In the present, the sheriff and her deputy are investigating a missing person on Stonehaven property, questioning Jeremy and Clay. Elena joins a search party and finds the man’s dead body. She turns and drags the body off the property. When Daniel arrives with the information that the wolf Karl Marsten is the leader of the mutts, and that they are basically retaliating against Clay, Elena decides, again, to leave Stonehaven. Meanwhile, the mutt Kane approaches a recently released criminal — presumably the next killer werewolf to be turned — in a park. Elena’s boyfriend Philip is sent wolf footage of Elena and Logan’s run back in episode 1 as part of his research for his new ad campaign for the now wolf-themed vodka, called Hunt Vodka (Google Translate agrees that “hunt” is Estonian for wolf, instantly explaining why the writers chose a product from Estonia).

Looks like Elena’s “normal” life in Toronto is becoming less normal by the day.


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