Shameless S4 Ep5 – There’s the Rub

Lip and Debbie take the train on their way to find Ian

Fiona and Robbie have a confrontationIn “There’s the Rub,” we see a lot of the Gallagher family trying to clean up their messes, but the episode definitely doesn’t have a clean ending. Finally, Fiona seems to have come to her senses and cut Robbie out of her life. In what seems to be a final encounter, she tells him, “I don’t know why it took me this long to start hating myself, but I got there. It’s a shitty feeling.” We don’t know why it took you so long either, but I for one am definitely glad she got there. The affair storyline wasn’t doing much for me, so I’m glad that it seems to be coming to a close.

I said last week that the show felt different without Ian, and not in a good way. Well, it turns out that I may have spoken an episode too soon. Hints that Ian would soon be back in Chicago came in the form of military police busting down the bathroom door looking for Lip. When they tell Lip that they’re looking for him, or rather the person using his social security number, Lip goes back home to find Ian before the military does. Apparently they don’t let you stay in the army if you try to steal a helicopter. Go figure.

The hilarious Alex Borstein (of MADtv and Family Guy fame) returns for her recurring role as Lou Deckner, Frank’s lawyer. Lou says that they could get $100,000 easily from the insurance company for Frank’s broken leg, but that it will take at least a year for the payoff. I think this sounds like information she should have shared before Frank went on a mission to snap his leg in half.

Drawing a stark contrast against the Gallagher household, Mike and Robbie’s family stands around their impeccable kitchen, drinking red wine and sharing family stories. Really, is there a story more middle-class American than the exploding turkey fryer on Thanksgiving? Things go south when Robbie tells Mike about the affair and a fight breaks out between the two. I think we all knew this would happen, but it was really the outcome of the reveal that we were waiting for.

Sheila, bless her heart, is still trying to relate to her new Native American boyfriend. It’s pretty easy for a television show to fall back racial stereotypes when introducing a new character such as Roger Running Tree. (The show’s portrayal of Russian sex workers has been less than positive.) Even Sheila’s attempt at Menominee Indian garb reads as satire given how out-of-touch she is as a character. Roger tells Frank that Native Americans use sweat lodges to detoxify their livers, so Frank asks for his help to build one since his liver is on its last leg. The show pokes fun at reality not always being in line with stereotypes when Roger says he lives in a condo, so they decide to build the lodge in Sheila’s yard.

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