Elementary S2 Ep15 – Corpse de Ballet

Bell, Gregson, Joan, and Sherlock investigate the scene of a ballerina's murder.

Like the heavens opening up and pouring down rain after a season of drought, this episode finally, finally allowed us to see more into the backstory and character of Joan Watson, and I will unabashedly confess that I loved it.

Recap Time!

Sherlock and Joan are on the case when a ballerina, Nell, is cut in half and then dropped in the middle of the theater stage during a dress rehearsal. Suspicion immediately falls on the prima ballerina, Iris, who is known to have a temper, is currently set to dance in the role that was meant for Nell, and whose personalized box-cutter (used for customizing the soles of pointe shoes) was used to kill her. Sherlock believes Iris is being framed and sets out to prove it, while Joan also comes to the aid of a homeless man and investigates the disappearance of his friend Freebo.

The team questions the prima ballerina as a suspect in the murder of her colleague.

The gang’s all here! Yay!

Sherlock eliminates Iris as a suspect by sleeping with her and discovering she has an injury which would render  her unable to commit the murder. He then turns his attention to Nell’s ex-boyfriend, who has a solid alibi, and next to Iris’ sleazy stalker journalist, who looks pretty darn good for the crime, especially when they find he had cloned Iris’ cell phone, and a short while afterwards are contacted by a news reporter who received a thumb drive containing a message that incriminates Iris for Nell’s death.

In the meantime, Joan questions Morris, a homeless man who comes to the shelter at which she volunteers. He is schizophrenic and not taking his medication, so when he says his friend Freebo is missing, the police who bring him in brush it off as a ‘crazy guy’s ramblings’. Joan, however, shows compassion and promises to find Freebo. She enlists the help of Det. Bell, who is back on the team, though not yet cleared to work cases on his own until he can fire a gun safely. Bell reports that Freebo, better known as Zeke Frebo, a war vet, was seen arguing with a woman a few days ago. Joan speaks to the woman, who admits she is his sister, and tells Joan Zeke suffers from extreme PTSD and she hasn’t seen him in a while.

Later on, Iris confesses that she wasn’t jealous of or threatened by Nell, but was actually in a relationship with her, though Nell had grown skeptical of Iris’ affection when she found out that Iris had previously seduced younger dancers in order to steal the main roles that had been given to them. Iris’ stalker found out about the relationship and decided to plant hidden cameras in Iris’ apartment to tape the two women and then sell the tape as a porno. He uses the fact that he was setting up the cameras as an alibi for Nell’s murder, and claims he has no idea about the voice message.

Joan and Sherlock have a discussion with the suspect's lawyer.

Partners and friends.

That night, Sherlock analyzes the voice message, trying to determine who released it to the media, and asks Joan why she is so set on finding Freebo, a man who doesn’t have any real connection to her. Joan hesitates, but then reveals that her biological father also has been schizophrenic almost her entire life and homeless for the last ten years. She tried and failed to connect with her father on the occasions they met and he actually recognizes her, then finally accepted that she had no real control over him, committing herself to helping other homeless people instead.

Joan visits Morris again, who is back on his medication and allows her to look through Freebo’s things, which he is keeping an eye on. Morris points out Freebo’s sister in one of the family photos, and Joan is first confused and then shocked when she doesn’t recognize her and realizes the woman she met earlier is not actually Freebo’s sister.

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