Arrow S2 Ep13 – Heir to the Demon

Arrow S2 Ep13 - Heir to the Demon

In “Heir to the Demon” Nyssa al Ghul, the daughter of Ra’s al Ghul, pays Starling City a visit. We find out that she and Sara Lance were romantically involved back in Nanda Parbat, the city that contains the headquarters of The League of Assassins. Now she wants Sara back and she’s willing to go to great lengths to achieve her goal, including poisoning Laurel just to get Sara’s attention. Meanwhile, Moira Queen begins her campaign to run for Starling City Mayor.

Tensions mount during Moira Queen’s mayoral campaign. Felicity, being the genius that she is, deciphers that Malcolm Merlyn is Thea Queen’s real father after Moira and Walter pay off the doctor that handled Thea’s birth. She comes to Moira about her recent revelation and protests that Oliver know the truth. Of course, Moira doesn’t agree and claims that this would not only ruin her relationship with Oliver, but Felicity’s as well. Fortunately, after Felicity thinks it over she tells Oliver the truth right before his mother’s first campaign speech. Oliver is clearly distraught as he goes up to the podium to introduce his mother. He does a fine speech that supports Moira Queen, but as he walks away from the podium he whispers “I know” into his mother’s ear. This was definitely one of my favorite scenes in “Heir to the Demon.” For a moment there I thought Felicity was going to keep Moira’s secret. I’m so glad she came out to Oliver. In the long run, It would’ve definitely been worse for her had she not. The only thing is Oliver is officially done with his mother for lying all these years. Even so Moira Queen is still an amazing character. She’s a force to be reckoned with, and now the fact that she’s running for mayor even has Slade Wilson concerned.

Arrow S2 Ep13 - Heir to the Demon

While the campaign of Moira Queen is certainly pivotal to the overall story, majority of this episode focused on Nyssa al Ghul. Katrina Law, of the Starz original series Spartacus: War of the Damned, takes on the role of Nyssa. She is the daughter of Ra’s al Ghul, the leader of The League of Assassins. Law definitely does a great job portraying the character, and while she is the antagonist of “Heir of the Demon,” you can definitely sympathize with her. Nyssa is still in love with Sara Lance and will do anything to get her back. Halfway through the episode she kidnaps Sara’s mother Dinah Lance (Alex Kingston) and uses her as a bargaining chip to get Sara back. We get the impression that Sara still has feelings for Nyssa, but of course if Sara goes back with her she will have to continue life as an assassin. Sara is not having that.

In an odd, but welcome change of pace, this episode contained no island flashback scenes. Instead, we were given a glimpse of the life of The Lance family, before Oliver and Sara took that fateful boat ride. It was nice seeing a side of the characters that hadn’t been explored yet. We get a sense of Sara and Laurel’s relationship before Sara was assumed dead, and we see how devastated Laurel and her father were after Moira broke the tragic news to them. Because of these scenes later on in the episode when Laurel finds out that Sara is in fact still alive, we can understand why Laurel is so angry. The supposed death of Sara tore the family apart, and in Laurel’s mind Sara had the chance to return and set things right, but didn’t.

Arrow S2 Ep13 - Heir to the Demon

Flashback: Laurel finds out about Sara and Oliver

I thoroughly enjoyed the episode’s conclusion. Sara turns herself in to Nyssa in exchange for her mother, but not before poisoning herself. In a sense she sacrifices herself for her family. Thankfully Arrow gets there in time, has an exciting archer’s duel against Nyssa, and is able to resuscitate Sara. After seeing what lengths Sara would go to to avoid returning to The League of Assassins, Nyssa finally lets her go and leaves Starling City. I really felt for Nyssa’s plight. She may be an evil assassin, but she’s an evil assassin that was in love. I’m looking forward to seeing her character return to the series once again.

Overall, “Heir to the Demon” is an amazing episode. There’s so much soap opera-esq drama that will keep viewers very interested. For those who are more about the action, this episode provided some impressive fight sequences and an awesome motorcycle chase that incorporated Canary’s sonic scream. What I really love about Arrow is there are so many threads left purposely untied. This episode tied some but left some new ones open. It’s going to be interesting seeing Sara rebuild her relationship with Laurel and the rest of her family. I’m glad she’s now back in Starling City, and I’m hoping to see more team-ups with Arrow and maybe even Roy, who was actually absent in this episode. The very end of “Heir to the Demon” saw Oliver and Sara giving in to their urges and making out in the Arrow cave. I wonder what drama their reunion as a couple will bring between them and Laurel. Unfortunately, we’ll have to wait three weeks to find out, as Arrow doesn’t return till February 26th.


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