Teen Wolf S3 Ep17 – Silverfinger

The Oni come for Kira to see if she is the dark spirit they seek

Scott then brings Kira back to his place so that he can protect her come sundown when the Oni are likely to appear, since he believes that she might be the one they’re looking for. The Scott/Kira romance seemed to start full speed ahead right out of the gate, and this episode has proved that it’s not planning on slowing down. Kira explains to Scott that she believes she’s a Kitsune, which is a foxlike spirit in actual Japanese folklore. The writers do a great job here of tying in the show’s mythical elements with its teen romance plotline by having Kira make a reference to foxes and wolves not getting along, which of course leads into a kiss.

Things go south when Scott’s dad arrives only seconds before the Oni do. They stab his father for approaching them, and the rest of Scott’s werewolf buddies soon show up ready to rumble. They’re able to push the Oni outside so that Scott’s mom can smash a jar of mountain ash in the doorway, creating a protective barrier against all things supernatural. I guess the Oni forgot about that window the twins smashed through to get inside the minute before. These characters must have homeowners insurance premiums through the roof with all the physical damage that goes on in these fight scenes.

Mr. Argent talks to Katashi, who is able to reveal some much needed information about the Oni and what they’re doing. Meanwhile, Scott’s dad is critically injured, and they don’t think he’ll last until daybreak, which is when the Oni would be forced to disappear. Scott asks Kira to trust him, now believing there’s no way she can be the dark spirit they’re looking for, and they approach the Oni. They both pass their test, and so the Oni vanish.

Stiles is possesed by a dark spirit allowing him to destroy the OniAs of late, Teen Wolf usually likes to end with a jaw-dropping scene, and this episode was certainly no exception. Stiles gets up from his hospital bed to look for Scott’s mom, and instead finds three Oni who have come to test him for the dark spirit. The subtleties in O’Brien’s acting shine as the look in his eyes instantaneously change from fearful to darkly powerful. Stiles destroys the seemingly unstoppable Oni before they can test him, meaning he is likely the dark force they’ve been seeking out. As Scott enters the room looking for him, Stiles seems to have returned to normal without any recollection of what he’s just done. At this point, only the viewers are aware of the specifics of Stiles’ possession, but I’m guessing it won’t stay that way for long.

Stiles has the power to destroy the demon warriorsOverall, this episode was a roller coaster of emotion. While lacking some of the humor of the last episodes, it makes up for it with scenes that both keep you on the edge of your seat before making you want to jump out of your seat with emotion. I’m definitely looking forward to how this story plays out, although part of me is hoping that Stiles’ step into the supernatural is only temporary. Since most of the characters have some sort of tie to the supernatural at this point, either through their family history or because they’re supernatural themselves, it was nice having a character remaining human. Not only did Stiles keep the other characters grounded, but his insecurities revolving around his feelings of powerlessness were also refreshing in a world where everyone seems superhuman.

How do you all feel about the increasingly supernatural transgression of the show? Do you think Stiles should eventually return to being “normal” again? I’d love to know what you guys think!

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