Teen Wolf S3 Ep17 – Silverfinger

The Oni come for Kira to see if she is the dark spirit they seek

This week’s episode “Silverfinger” picks right back up where we left off. With Mr. Argent telling the story of his first mission, we learn a little bit more about the Oni, the mythical creatures who seem to be the primary antagonists of this half of season three. Honestly, I’ll take any explanation I can get regarding the supernatural elements of the show at this point. Since Teen Wolf returned from hiatus, it seems to be delving deeper into various complex mythologies. The pacing is faster, the storylines are darker, but it also can get confusing very easily. Still, it’s one of my favorite things on television right now.

Stiles’ mental breakdown continues when the proof of his discovery from the end of last episode vanishes. His handwriting on the chalkboard ordering the kill on Kira has disappeared, as has the key he had to the classroom. If Dylan O’Brien’s acting was ever in question before, his performance throughout this episode should put those doubts to rest. He pulls off Stiles’ sleep deprivation and frantic self-questioning in a way that makes viewers want to reach into the TVs and give him a hug. There’s a reason that Stiles is largely considered the fan favorite character.

One of the most important subplots of the episode is Mr. Argent’s plan to speak with gang-leader Katashi, A.K.A. Silverfinger, by luring him into a meeting for the sale of an antique gun for Katashi’s collection. Allison and Isaac are vital to Mr. Argent’s backup plan, despite the fact that they’re adults in their late twenties kids in high school. I don’t know if Mr. Argent will be getting any Father of the Year awards anytime soon if he keeps taking minors into situations where they’re likely to end up dead.

Stiles is treated by Scott's mom in the hospitalThen came my favorite scene of the episode, and possibly of the season. Stiles enters the hospital because he thinks he’s losing it and gets checked in my Scott’s mom. (Let’s just forget for a second how expensive staying at a hospital can be and how Stiles is a minor and yet his father doesn’t seem to be alerted that he’s there.) Similarly to Glee, some of the best characters’ relationships on Teen Wolf are the relationships between a single parent and their child. All of Mama McCall’s scenes with Scott and all of Papa Stilinski’s scenes with Stiles are the things feels are made of. (And yes, fandom lingo was 100% necessary there.) What I didn’t realize was how rewarding a heart-to-heart moment between Mama McCall and Stiles would be, especially if he unknowingly calls her “Mom” as he slips into a sedative-induced rest. Really, if that moment didn’t break your heart, it’s only because you don’t have one.

Allison kisses IsaacAt Katashi’s rendezvous point, Mr. Argent and his crack team of his daughter and her boyfriend go over the plan. Isaac gets nervous that he looks too boyish to try to pull off the deal, which he will be making while Mr. Argent and Allison look for Katashi. In order to convince him he’s a man, Allison makes out with him and makes him grab her ass—with her father only feet away. Gotta love teen show logic.

Back at the hospital, Mama McCall checks in on Stiles and decides to take a closer look at his medical records. Making careful note of his symptoms, she then cross checks them with another patient’s file who seems to exhibit all of the same symptoms. As she closes the file, we see the words “DECEASED 2004” and then a name: Claudia Stilinski, the name of Stiles’ mother. Talk about twisting the dagger you already stabbed us in the heart with, Teen Wolf.

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