Bitten S1 Ep4 — Grief

“Grief,” the 4th episode of Bitten, doesn’t have the most action — it doesn’t have any sex, graphic violence, and very minimal gore (a previously severed finger), and only a couple of brief wolf scenes. In a way, it feels respectful. Pete’s dead. Despite the fact that this is a supernatural show, he’s really, permanently dead, and the pack takes time to grieve before putting the investigation — which is now looking more like a war — into overdrive. What the episode lacks in cool monster action it makes up for with a plot that brings the first three episodes into focus and moves the story forward in a big way. Skip this episode, and you’ll be completely lost.

At this point, the pack knows that they’re not just dealing with a random mutt killing people for thrills, and they know that the mutt who was killed after the attack on the rave was already dead before Pete was murdered. This puts them pretty much back to square one, but more defensive and determined to fight.

The episode spends a good amount of time dealing with the pack’s grief. The earlier murders were not treated as if they were unimportant, but we saw little about how they impacted and surely devastated the lives of people in the town. With Pete’s death, we see it. Jeremy, the Alpha deals internalizes his pain, while blaming himself and fearing the worst for the pack and himself. Elena finds herself struggling not only with Pete’s death, but with the grief she never really dealt with when her parents died when she was a child. Clay suggests she let out her emotions with a wolf run that ends with them lying naked in the woods and kissing, though it’s clear that Elena was half asleep and probably imagining she was with Philip.

The investigation gets back on track, with Jeremy assigning Antonio to find out if any other packs have been dealing with similar events, and, as usual, Elena and Clay head in town for their own detective work. It’s not just the pack who is stepping it up: the Sheriff is, too, giving her more screen time than before.

After pretty much exposing her unusual strength by stopping a fight with a local hunter at the diner, Elena picks up the scent of the mutt who killed Pete. They follow it to a motel room, where they find a scrapbook full of newspaper clippings detailing the murders of women all over the U.S., as well as “trophies,” including a lock of hair and a locket. Elena realizes that these were not wolf murders, but human serial killings, and puts it together that someone is purposely turning psychotic killers into werewolves.

Elena and Clay see a mutt they know as Zachary Cain, an enemy of the pack, through the window of the motel room. He’s talking to a man they don’t recognize (but we know is a werewolf, because we saw him change earlier in the episode), and they deduce that the stranger is the serial killer mutt, and the killer of Pete. They’re even more alarmed when Karl — the “free agent” wolf who had made an agreement with Nick, Logan and Pete to help with the investigation in return for territory on the night Pete was killed — shows up. Suddenly it seems that mutts and “lone wolfs” are in some kind of alliance that involves recruiting dangerous men and targeting the Stonehaven pack. Elena and Clay take the scrapbook and rush back to Stonehaven to tell the others.

Jeremy explains the gravity of the situation: if Stonehaven is wiped out, mutts will run wild. Without order, the wolves will be exposed, resulting in catastrophic human/werewolf war.

Meanwhile, Logan, who has returned to his super-posh home in Toronto, is visited by a known mutt and former pack member named Daniel. Though estranged from the pack, Daniel boasts that he’s from a long line of wolves, and offers information about the killers if he can re-join the Stonehaven pack. Now, we know that this is a very bad idea, but Logan doesn’t know about the mutt alliance, and he agrees to bring Daniel to Jeremy.

Back at the motel, Elena, Clay, Jeremy and Nick break into the mutt’s room again, narrowly avoiding a lethal booby trap. Inside, they find one of Pete’s severed fingers and the message “I’m coming for my scrapbook, bitch” scrawled ominously on the wall.

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