Castle S6 Ep 14 – Dressed To Kill

I should really learn not to worry about things I see in descriptions for upcoming episodes. For instance, I saw something about this week’s ep that talked about Beckett getting “cold feet,” which kind of freaked me out. But then I thought, “Surely the writers wouldn’t actually go that route. That would be stupid. And the writers aren’t stupid.” In fact, at this point I should just trust that the writers rarely, if ever, make a decision like that which most of the fans would so totally disagree with.

Yeah, I think I could stand having a wedding celebration in a place like that.

Yeah, I could stand having a wedding celebration in a place like that.

This week, Beckett & Castle are trying to figure out the perfect venue for their wedding. They also must solve the murder of a young woman named Ella, who was basically Anne Hathaway in The Devil Wears Prada. However, even though her boss fires assistants regularly, and indeed fired Ella for making scheduling mistakes, she’s not as awful as Meryl Streep’s character. In fact, she obviously quite likes Beckett – to whom, it is revealed, the boss lady offered a job as a model at her famous fashion magazine, back during Beckett’s modeling days. (Nice bit of continuity there. Always appreciate it when little things like that get another mention!) The boss also does seem to care about finding out who killed Ella. I predicted immediately that the murderer was her right-hand man, Julian, but I still found the episode engaging and not too predictable other than that.

The venue both Castle & Beckett were interested in trying to book was truly gorgeous. I was kind of expecting Castle to try to wield his rugged good looks and wealth to get the two of them a bit higher up on the waiting list, but I wasn’t displeased when that didn’t happen. (Though I am a little disappointed that he seems to have dropped the idea of getting married in space. So perfect! Hee.) Also, of course Beckett looked smashing in the elegant, high-fashion wedding dress she tried on. (It’s not a style I would have come up with, but that’s just one illustration of why I don’t work in the fashion industry.) It was not hard to guess that dress would end up as a gift to Beckett at the end. Can’t wait to see her in it – and to see Castle seeing her in it! – when we finally do get to the wedding.

Speaking of which, it felt very believable for Beckett to think about her mother and then feel panicky about wedding preparations without her – which was the real reason behind her “cold feet.” I won’t deny, as I mentioned, that I didn’t get a bit panicky worrying that Beckett had sudden, real doubts about getting married to Castle. In fact, my thought process went a little like this: “No. NO. DO NOT DO THIS, WRITERS!” Then she explained everything to Castle. And then I calmed down. Heh.

Dressed to kill, indeed!

Dressed to kill, indeed!

Random other things: at one point, Beckett said that a certain club was “notoriously protective of keeping their members’ privacy.” That one came from the Department of Redundancy Department, I suppose? Also, I smiled at Esposito not knowing how to pronounce “chic.” True to the character.

So, what did you think? Did you fall for Beckett’s seeming cold feet? What do you think of her dress? Let us know in the comments!


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