Supernatural Spin-off Details Revealed

Supernatural Season 8 Title Banner

Spin-offs are all the rage on The CW, and of course one of their longest running shows, Supernatural, is getting in on the game. The spin-off, which was announced last year, is going to be named Supernatural: Tribes. The series will be introduced through a backdoor pilot, Supernatural’s 20th episode of season nine, and it will focus on the five rival tribes of monsters that control Chicago.

Supernatural season nine promo poster with Ezekiel's wingsIn addition to the title, details on the main characters of the spin-off have been revealed. Not surprisingly, almost all of them are in their early twenties, except for a thirtysomething world-weary cop (how will he keep up?).

The central player will be Ennis Roth, the son of a cop who becomes a hunter after someone close to him is murdered by a monster. Apparently, the producers are trying to cast an African-American in the role (please let them stick to that plan!).

Joining Ennis in the main cast will be a host of monsters, including David and Margo Hayden, two shape-shifter siblings from one of the ruling monster families/tribes, as well as Violet and Julian Durant, two werewolf siblings from one of the ruling families (and Violet has a thing for David the shape-shifter, because of course). As for that world-weary cop in his thirties, that role belongs to Freddie Costa, who knew Ennis’s dad back in the day (because thirty is so old). But Freddie has a secret, and if it’s not that he’s a hunter or some other kind of monster, I will be floored.

So what do you think? Will you be tuning in? Have any casting ideas? Sound off in the comments!