Almost Human S1 Ep9 – Unbound

Well, after this week and the previous episode of this show, I can confidently say: “That’s more like it!”

First of all, we have John Larroquette. Remember how I was complaining before about the sub-par guest stars on this show? Well, I don’t think anyone complains that John Larroquette is sub-par on anything. No exception here – he immediately raises the level of quality as soon as he appears. I’m thrilled that he’s clearly going to stick around for a while. It seems like he’ll be playing a Walter Bishop-type character, with fascinating and possibly wonderful ideas and a disregard for any reason why he shouldn’t pursue them.

Maybe it's a sign we can forgive the show for its most recent mediocre episodes!

Maybe it’s a sign we can finally forgive the show for its most recent mediocre episodes!

And speaking of Walter Bishop, the Fringe references came thick and fast this week, and for once they didn’t feel like the show was saying, “Hey, Fringe fans, here are a few, rather inadequate reasons not to give up on us!” We had the bouquet of white tulips at the beginning, severed robot heads, talk of “the other side” and “over there,” and, of course, the disgraced brilliant doctor who is called back out of obscurity to solve a case. Dr. Vaughn’s talk of DNA versus the soul was also something a Fringe character might definitely discuss.

Things I didn’t love: Rudy was over the top this week. He could have still been fawning all over Dr. Vaughn while dialed back a few notches, and then I would have just found him funny rather than eyeroll-inducing.

More positives, though: I enjoyed seeing Dorian interact with his maker. The fact that Dorian is naturally more emotional than Data makes their relationship already different from Data and Dr. Soong. But I’m sure we’ll still get Dr. Vaughn entreating Dorian to join with his “father,” and some kind of “sibling” rivalry between Dorian and the new, “evil” DRNs that are probably due to show up. Plus, Dorian’s doubts this week led to John reassuring him that he’ll always be who he is. D’awwww.

This was a pretty cool fight. I'm sure we'll see more like it.

This was a pretty cool fight. I’m sure we’ll see more like it.

The main storyline was still not the most original or unexpected thing ever. It wasn’t hard to guess that Dr. Vaughn was actually involved in the XRN’s resurfacing – nor, once we learned about the Wall and what it seems to represent, was it hard to tell that he would in fact be hiding outside it. But now we have something interesting to wonder about: what are the doctor’s ties to InSyndicate? What’s the story of the Wall? And what exactly does the doctor want to do with his army of new, improved DRNs? Why is Kennex so bad with kids? And how could Rudy be that badly socially adjusted and have made it this far in life? (Okay, those last two I don’t actually need the answer to.)

What about you? What are you looking forward to finding out?


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