Arrow S2 Ep12 – Tremors

Arrow S2 Ep12 - Tremors

Last week’s episode of Arrow left Laurel Lance fired from her job at the District Attorney’s office when her drug addiction came to light. That episode also concluded with Arrow deciding to teach Roy Harper how to stay in control of his powers. In this week’s episode even more series developments arose. Old faces returned. Secrets were unveiled. Alliances were formed. I can honestly say “Tremors” is a game-changer for the series.

Arrow S2 Ep12 - Tremors

Arrow begins to train Roy

“Tremors” mostly focuses on the plight between Arrow and Roy. Arrow, without revealing his true identity, has begun to train Roy, but it isn’t without it’s frustrations. He’s still dealing with his rage issues and doesn’t find any solace in Arrow’s teachings. Although, the time for training is cut short as Arrow takes Roy along with him to find Bronze Tiger (Michael Jai White) who has just escaped from prison.

References to past episodes ensue as Bronze Tiger is hired to retrieve a prototype earthquake machine from Malcolm Merlyn’s former residence. This is the same technology used in the destruction of The Glades. A lot of what came out of this arc can be deemed as cliché. The villain has a bomb. The hero has to stop him. As cliché as it sounds, it was still a fun ride. Arrow rarely fails at delivering some solid action, and seeing Arrow go toe to toe with Bronze Tiger was enjoyable. Of course, Roy loses control and nearly beats a random henchmen to death, causing Arrow to lose focus on Bronze Tiger, leading Bronze Tiger to escape with the earthquake machine.

Meanwhile, Laurel has officially hit rock bottom. Not only was she just fired, but now she has been disbarred as a lawyer altogether. Refusing to go to AA meetings and overwhelmed with sadness, she succumbs to doing some heavy drinking at Ollie’s nightclub. It’s a sad sight to see. We see Laurel completely drunk while Thea and Ollie try to take care of her and call her a cab home. I felt so bad for Laurel, but at the same time I wondered why she decided to go drinking at a club where the entire cast of Arrow hangs out. Did the writers just want to put Laurel there so the the other characters can see her, or was this a legit cry for help from Laurel? Or does Ollie’s club just serve the best, strongest drinks? Either way it was heartbreaking to watch.

Walter Steele (Colin Salmon), Moira Queen’s former lover, returns to the series with a surprising request. It turns out Walter is worried that Sebastian Blood’s methods as the mayor of Starling City will financially cripple the city. So Walter asks Moira if she would consider running against Blood in the upcoming mayoral election. In response, Moira pretty much says what the audience is thinking: Why would anyone vote for her after what happened in The Glades? Walter uses the Martha Stewart defense, stating that people like redemption stories. It makes sense to me, and from someone who’s into DC Comics, it wouldn’t be all that surprising to me if she became mayor. The DC universe has seen Lex Luthor become president of the United States in the past.

Arrow S2 Ep12 - Tremors

Ollie talks some sense into Slade

In this week’s island flashbacks Ollie and Sara made progress in their search for Slade. Ollie still feels as if Shado’s death was his fault and wants to tell Slade. Slade has plans of his own as he attempts to get his revenge and fire missiles at Dr. Ivo’s ship, thus destroying their one way off the island. Ollie and Sara manage to find Slade in time, and Ollie is able to talk him down without revealing his own guilt. The more this arc progresses the more I think present-day Slade is only evil because of Shado’s death and Ollie failing to save her. If so, that’s not a great reason to become a villain, especially since Ollie wasn’t even responsible for Shado’s death. Hopefully there will be more to it than that.

The conclusion of “Tremors” featured a lot of plot twists and laid out some new direction for the show and its characters. Arrow and Roy capture Bronze Tiger and stop the prototype earthquake machine from going off, but not before Arrow reveals his true identity to Roy. This leads the hot-headed Roy to becoming a member of “Team Arrow.” Looks like we might finally get to see Roy become Arrow’s sidekick, Red Arrow.

Moira Queen decides to run for mayor of Starling City, but doesn’t want the media finding out that Thea is Malcolm Merlyn’s daughter. Apparently, the only other person who knows this is her doctor, who according to her needs to be “taken care of.” Now, I doubt Moira Queen will have this doctor killed. “Taken care of” can also mean paid off, but we’ll see.

Meanwhile, Bronze Tiger is back in his new prison cell. He’s paid a visit by none other than Amanda Waller (Cynthia Addai-Robinson), who hasn’t been seen since “Keep Your Enemies Closer”. She offers Bronze Tiger a way out of his sentence and says she’s putting together a “Squad.” Hearing that word come out of Amanda Waller’s mouth literally sent chills down my spine. DC readers will know she is referring to the Suicide Squad, a team of incarcerated super-villains who essentially perform suicide missions for the government. I’m definitely looking forward to seeing how Arrow represents the Suicide Squad, and I want to know what other villains will join the team. Shrapnel? Deadshot?

Lastly, a drunken Laurel Lance is paid a visit by her sister Sara, who Laurel believes is dead. Will Sara help Laurel get out of her rut? How angry will Laurel be with her father when she finds out he knew Sara was alive? I can’t wait to see the ramifications of this reunion.

Overall, “Tremors” was another solid episode, but it was the last 10 minutes filled with new developments that made it extra special. It’s only going to get better as Nyssa al Ghul, the daughter of Ra’s al Ghul, heads to Starling City in next week’s episode, “Heir to the Demon.”


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