X-Men: Days of Future Past Empire Magazine Covers


Empire magazine is celebrating its 25th anniversary with 25 commemorative covers, and guess which movie gets the honor of gracing those covers. How about the one with probably the biggest cast this year: X-Men: Days of Future Past!

A preview of the covers is online, showing off how all 25 together create a panoramic view that covers both the past and future timelines, including a version of the Sentinels from the past and an upgraded (and terrifying one) from the future. There are plenty of returning characters we get to see in action again, but these covers also give a glimpse of a bunch of new (or recasted to make younger) characters, including Quicksilver (Evan Peters), Toad (recast with Evan Jonigkeit), Blink (Bingbing Fan), Bishop (Omar Sy), Sunspot (Adan Canto), Warpath (Boo Boo Stewart), and William Stryker (recast with Josh Helman). Take a look through the gallery below:

X-Men: Days of Future Past will be released May 23. Like the shiny new covers? Is that future Sentinel the creepiest thing ever? Do you know how long it takes to upload 25 photos with a slow internet connection (’cause I do)? Let us know in the comments below!