Arrow S2 Ep11 – Blind Spot

Arrow S2 Ep11 - Blind Spot

In last week’s episode of Arrow, Laurel Lance showed her worth when she investigated Sebastian Blood leading her to the conclusion that he killed his own father. I was happy to see Laurel’s character come back strong after being dull and useless for a lot of season 2. She’s proved that she is smarter than other characters on Arrow in some ways. Apparently, she’s the only one who can see through Blood’s lies. Unfortunately, “Blind Spot” takes Laurel down a few pegs as she is arrested and her drug addiction is exposed.

Arrow S1 Ep11 - Blind Spot

Laurel’s addiction is getting out of hand.

I’ve stated in previous reviews that I wasn’t fond of Laurel’s drug use. I don’t mind that Arrow is tackling the sensitive subject matter of drug abuse but I don’t appreciate them using Laurel to do it. Their taking an already weak character and making her even weaker with every pill she pops. What happened to the Laurel Lance from season one? The one who kept her chin up and knew how to physically defend herself. I miss that one. I can understand Laurel being taken hostage by Blood’s henchmen, but not without a fight. Season one Laurel wouldn’t stand for that. Of course any character can be faced with problems like Laurel’s, I just hope we get to see her improve and maybe even become the Black Canary we know and love from the comics.

All that being said, my issues with Laurel aren’t my biggest problems with “Blind Spot.” Don’t get me wrong. There hasn’t been an episode of season 2 that I haven’t enjoyed, including this one. “Blind Spot” did have a lot of good moments. It was heartbreaking seeing Laurel’s father turn his back on her after she was arrested for illegal drug possession. I enjoyed seeing Laurel team up with Ollie earlier in the episode to recover some files on Sebastian Blood, despite the fact she wore a bright white coat to what was supposed to be an after hours stealth mission. What really bothered me about “Blind Spot” was the final act.

Sebastian Blood’s mole in the Starling City Police Department gets a warrant to search Laurel’s apartment. In the process of the search they find her stolen pills she’s been using. They then arrest her. Later in the interrogation room of the SCPD she is confronted by her father and painted as a drug addict with a conspiracy theory. While her father’s reaction as well as the entire scene was heartbreaking it ended up solving Blood’s problem. Laurel’s drug use completely discredited her theory about Blood. No one wanted to believe her after that. The next day after Laurel is released she is kidnapped at her apartment. The kidnappers leave a note for Ollie telling them where to find Laurel. Why do this? If you want to get Laurel out of the way than just kill her. Don’t kidnap her and then tell Ollie where to find her.

When Ollie does find her he is confronted by “the man in the skull mask,” who as we know is supposed to be Sebastian Blood. They fight. Just when it seems “skull mask” has got the drop on Ollie Laurel steps up and guns him down. They then de-mask the villain and see it’s actually Blood’s SCPD mole. Its a stupid thought of Blood to think that this act would take Ollie and his team off his trail, but it works in his favor. By the end of the episode Ollie, Felicity, and Diggle no longer have suspicions of Sebastian Blood which I find hard to believe. If anything the fact that Laurel was kidnapped and taken hostage after she was investigating Sebastian Blood should make everyone else even more suspicious.

While I saw the flaws in Laurel’s story arc I did enjoy Roy Harper’s. Roy takes more steps into becoming a new Starling City hero as he and Sin set out to find a murderer. They find the murderer but instead of capturing him and handing him over to the authorities Roy loses control. He goes into his Mirakuru-rage and beats the man down nearly killing him. After sending the man to the hospital, Roy sets aside a moment by himself to cry. I felt for him. For one he has never killed anyone. I’m sure almost killing someone for the first time with your bare hands isn’t the greatest feeling. Two, he lost control. No one likes to not be in control of their own actions. Fortunately for Roy, he will soon begin training with Arrow to help master and control his abilities. This can lead to him eventually becoming the sidekick DC readers know from the comics. Red Arrow.

Overall, “Blind Spot” was a mixed bag. The island flashback scenes were almost pointless. There were flaws in Sebastian Blood’s plan yet it still worked in his favor. Also, there’s still not enough Diggle. Diggle is one of the best characters Arrow has and I don’t think he’s done anything vital since episode 6, “Keep Your Enemies Closer.” Seeing Slade Wilson in his new Deathstroke costume in the final minutes was definitely gratifying, though (see below). I just wish we hadn’t already seen it in the promos. Above all, the Roy Harper arc was solid. I want to see how Roy handles his training in the next episode and I wonder if Ollie will ever divulge his big secret to him.

Arrow S2 Ep11 - Blind Spot