Sleepy Hollow S1 Ep 12/13: The Indispensable Man/Bad Blood

Why go with a big cliffhanger for the end of the season, when you can go for five or six? Sleepy Hollow‘s 2-hour season finale pulled out all the stops to make sure that if you care about even one of the show’s characters, you’ll be back next fall. It also managed to make all of the details of Ichabod Crane’s convoluted backstory come together in a way that kind of works, I guess, though I’m not sure the big twist was worth sacrificing two episodes to the secret baby storyline.

The double-decker finale started off on the slow side, with Abbie worrying about the prophesy that says her soul will be turned over to Moloch by Ichabod after another visit from undead Andy. Undead Andy insists that he’s trying to help her, and that he (the real Andy trapped by Moloch) loves her. When she sees Ichabod later in the day, he brushes it off — he was told he’d deliver her soul, too, but he was sure he would never do it. Meanwhile, Frank, afraid that DNA evidence will implicate Maisie in the murder of the priest killed while she was possessed, confesses to the murders of both the priest and Devon Jones.

Ichabod and Abbie have figured out that they can use George Washington’s Bible to locate a secret map to Purgatory, and Ichabod decides finding it is a great idea, because he wants to rescue Katrina. They first need to find a specific set of prayer beads. With the help of Henry Parish (the Sin Eater), they exhume the town priest who had guarded the Horseman’s head before he was executed, and Henry is nearly knocked out from the amount of sin in the prayer beads buried with him. Demons start appearing around them, and, after managing to make them disappear by shooting them, Abbie tells Ichabod that nothing good can come from the map. Unconvinced, Ichabod stays focused on finding it. Abbie becomes more anxious, telling Ichabod that he may have to sacrifice saving Katrina to save the world. Ichabod is cagey, but assures her he’ll do the right thing. They eventually find Washington’s real tomb (in Sleepy Hollow, of course), and Ichabod literally pries the map from Washington’s cold, dead hands.

Andy — who has metamorphosed into  a more powerful demon — makes another appearance in the tomb. As Abbie fights him, he momentarily reverts to real Andy, who begs her not to use the map and asks her to kill him. She stakes him in the head, which is only temporarily effective. Later, Abbie tells Ichabod he needs to make a choice: to use the map to free Katrina, or to fight with her. Ichabod says he chooses her and burns the map.

Of course, burning it means nothing, because he has a photographic memory and can draw it again.

The second part (Ep 13) is a crazy funhouse ride of horror. Ichabod and Henry deduce that the arrival of the next Horseman – War – is imminent, and that he can only be stopped with witchcraft. Ichabod proudly shows his hand-drawn recreation of the map, convinced that Katrina can stop War. Abbie is pissed, but agrees to go to Purgatory with him to find her. Jenny, who finally appears again after being absent in Ep 12, does not support the plan at all, and, in the finale’s most emotional exchange, promises Abbie to rip Purgatory wide open if she doesn’t come back.

Abbie, Ichabod, and Henry follow the map, and Henry warns them that they’ll be tempted away from their mission if they forget the bond between them, then watches as the two say some words as a fancy corridor opens up. Each is quickly sent to a different place — for Abbie, it’s with a still-alive Corbin and Andy in the cabin; for Ichabod, it’s back home in England with his proud father, celebrating his professorship. Both are taken in, but each remember the other just in time to escape the temptation (it’s all very similar to the Devil’s dream worlds in the finale of BBC’s Being Human). Once they’ve passed that test, they find themselves in Purgatory woods with a bunch of creepy lost souls. They go to the church in the woods, knowing Katrina goes there every day, and lo and behold, she’s there. After some “No, you shouldn’t be here! I can’t possibly leave!” dramatics, Katrina is like, “well, unless, another soul takes my place….” and it actually happens. Ichabod volunteers to stay, but Abbie’s like, “no, I have to face Moloch, I have to stay,” and instead of realizing that this is exactly what Moloch was counting on and stopping it, he promises Abbie he’ll be back for her and leaves Purgatory with Katrina.

Oh, it gets worse. Jenny, who has been following a clue from one of Corbin’s recorded diaries, comes across some (yet unseen) information and is attacked by the Horseman, who flips her truck and leaves her bleeding and unconscious.

Which leaves Ichabod, Katrina, and Henry, and the big twist we’ve all suffered for. Henry, it turns out, has been on Moloch’s side all along, and he’s got them where he wants them. He restrains them on a tree and — long story short — he’s Jeremy, the secret baby, abandoned and abused and buried for 200 years until Moloch raised him 13 years ago. It turns out that his resurrection was the thing witnessed by Abbie and Jenny as kids — a memory Abbie recovers in a Purgatory dollhouse. Jeremy took his name from the sign on the first church he saw: St. Henry’s Parish, the same sign Jenny saw before she was attacked. Oh, and one more thing: Henry is the second Horseman, War.

Henry turns Katrina over to the Headless Horseman/Brom and tosses Ichabod into an open grave and buries him alive.

So, lots of cliffhangers. If they’re smart, they’ll have Jenny save Abbie, Abbie save Ichabod, the three of them clear Frank’s name, and all of them fight the Horsemen and free Katrina to a happier afterworld or something. We’ll have to wait till September to find out.


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