Castle S6 Ep13 – Limelight

So this was Castle’s tribute(ish) to Miley Cyrus, I suppose? It was a fairly average episode: predictable in a lot of ways, but with some fun moments.

Thank goodness for wacky phone hijinks, or Alexis wouldn't have been able to help keep Mandy safe!

Thank goodness for wacky phone hijinks, or Alexis wouldn’t have been able to help keep Mandy safe!

Mandy Sutton, a hard-partying young star and paparazzi magnet who has recently tried to get clean but was seen getting drunk and making out with her bad-boy ex at a bar, seems to have been found dead outside her hotel. But it’s not actually her – the victim was her decoy double, Claire. The team figures out that Claire was actually the target, not Mandy. Of course, it ends up being Mandy’s mother/manager who killed Claire. Claire was going to come clean that it was her in the photo, not Mandy, and thereby help Mandy get back on track to leave show business. Ugh.

The good: Pi is gone! Or at least on the way out. Thank goodness Alexis finally realized that she made a mistake and moved too fast with him. And this after her dad has actually tried to be nice to Pi for Alexis’s sake. Also, Beckett decided to make her engagement to Castle public, after a tabloid article hinted that Castle was going to get back together with his ex-wife (er, one of them). I quite enjoyed Ryan & Espo messing with Beckett about that article throughout the ep. Although if looks could kill, Beckett would have killed them multiple times…

The less-good: many of the pieces of this week’s puzzle were extremely obvious, even cliche at times. For instance, Alexis switching phones accidentally with Mandy. I knew it was going to happen. But the two actresses were good in their scenes together. Also, the fact that Mandy’s mom was the murderer became clear quickly. Mandy’s ex Jesse was much too obvious of a choice. Lastly, Claire as the actual target of the murder was not what I’d call a twist.

Hope we don't see you later, Pi! And I do mean never.

Hope we don’t see you later, Pi! And I do mean never.

I was glad that Beckett wasn’t actually, seriously, jealous when the tabloid article came out. We’ve known her for six years and she’s rarely been that way, so to have her start overreacting now would have been some real character assassination. I suppose it’ll be interesting to see how she deals with sharing Castle’s limelight from now on.

What did you think of the episode? Did you feel for Mandy? Or did it all feel too much like a Miley Cyrus debacle? Let us know in the comments.


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