Supernatural, S9 Ep 10 – Road Trip

Cas, Crowley, and Dean walking toward Cas's car

Supernatural is back! And the mid-season return was pretty good, which is saying something for this so-so season. We no longer have the issue of Dean lying about Sam being possessed by an angel, a plot point that I think put the show in a holding pattern where we had to wait for the real story to happen. And now we have that story. Unfortunately, it involves more of the brothers being upset over lying and, of course, death. But it also involves things finally happening instead of annoying filler. So that’s a win.

Supernatural s9 ep10--Dean emoting

Why must his pain look so good?

We started this episode off with Dean giving Kevin Tran a hunter’s funeral. Now, I’m not over Kevin’s death. Heck, I’m not over Samandriel’s death, and he was only in three episodes, the vast majority of which he spent being tortured. In my mind Kevin is fine and happy, but in so called “reality” he’s gone and Dean blames himself. Dean blaming himself is far from a new story development—it’s his favorite hobby—so I’m not too happy that they killed Kevin off to give Dean more guilt. He didn’t need any more guilt, and though he looks beautiful when he cries, there are other ways to create drama.

Kevin’s death is just added on top of Dean’s other current bout of guilt over Sam being high jacked by an angel. And while this episode is about Dean getting Sam back from Gadreel, things don’t get wrapped up nicely in the end. Dean and Sam part ways, again, over someone lying, again. That does offer up some interesting possibilities, but we’ve seen the brothers separated before and it never lasts long. Any bets on when they’ll get the band back together this time?

Supernatural s9 ep10--Cas's new car, featuring Cas, Crowley, and Dean

[muffled rap music in the background]

Getting Sam back took up the main plot of the episode, but plenty of other things were introduced or developed further, setting up the second half of the season. Castiel is back in the fray. There are no consequences so far for him stealing another angel’s grace, which is disappointing, but Cas with his mojo back can do more than human Cas, so “Captain Sexy” will probably have a bigger role in the story now. And he’ll be rollin’ in style with his new pimp car. Nice touch. But the best part of Cas being back was the touching scene between him and Dean. Dean apologized for his behavior in the first half of the season. EMOTIONS! RESPONSIBILITY FOR ONE’S ACTIONS! It’s beautiful!

Another new plot point is Gadreel becoming basically a hired gun for Metatron. Metatron even tested Gadreel’s loyalty by having him kill his best friend. But how long is that loyalty going to last if Metatron keeps acting like a douche? Gadreel doesn’t seem like such a bad guy, he just did what he had to (like Dean and Sam and Cas…) but if Metatron is going to keep making him do bad things, something’s gonna give. Metatron is turning out to be more diabolical than we thought—preventing further prophets from being called, killing various targets, wanting to become God—but Gadreel doesn’t seem the type to want a bloodbath. The battle for Heaven is in the hands of an escaped prisoner and a secretary. This can’t end well.

Sam vomiting an angel

Sam vomiting an angel

On the Hell side of things, Crowley has been freed from the dungeon, but he’s on the Winchesters’ side, apparently. He helped get Sam back by possessing him to kick out Gadreel (double possession, kinky). However, he’s still in the running for King of Hell in a campaign against Abaddon (Vote Crowley!), so he’s not not evil, but he’s definitely the lesser of two evils. Maybe three, if you take Metatron into account. But good, evil, whatever, the important thing is he’s still got his sass. He was really hitting ‘em out of the park and helped to lighten the mood of what could have been a pretty dark and heavy episode, what with the torture and the killing and whatnot. Seeing Crowley and Castiel interact is exactly what I had hoped this season would have been full of, with both of them being earthbound. This is what I had wanted, if only it weren’t half a season late. But not too late. If things keep up like this, season nine might turn out better than I thought.

Last but not least, we have Sam and Dean and their universe-sized amount of brother issues. Sam’s upset that Dean didn’t let him die, and Dean thinks he’s poison, so they’re going their separate ways—at least for an episode. They need a break every now and then, but they always come back to each other. They do that almost every season now, and I had really hoped that season eight would have cured them of that, but alas, it was not to be. This time, though, they switched things up a bit with Dean being the one to think he’s the bad guy instead of Sam. But my amount of caring about this is smaller than the amount of screen time Samandriel had (see, still bitter). I hope they can stow their crap and get back together—in a brotherly way, of course (*wink*).

So, to sum up: good episode setting up great potential for the rest of the season. Brilliant character moments around the board and some hilarious one liners, particularly from Crowley. We’re off to a good start for the second half of the season. Please don’t screw it up!

Next week, Dean teams up with…Crowley? Oh, this is gonna be good!

Supernatural s9 ep11--Crowley opening a door


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