Castle S6 Ep12 – Deep Cover

Castle’s father returns! And this time I feel like he was a real character, instead of just a spy caricature. On a related note, this was a dramatic episode that the show managed successfully, instead of going over-the-top as it often does.

Spending time together in the park, just like normal fathers and sons do.

Spending time together in the park, just like normal fathers and sons do.

This week begins with the murder of a young hacker, found in his apartment though he clearly was killed elsewhere. Before getting very far into the case, Castle and Beckett run into Castle’s father, once again played by James Brolin. At first his dad convinces Castle to keep his involvement secret, but this soon becomes impossible. Castle’s dad (it’s awkward to keep referring to him as that, but he doesn’t have a real name as far as we know, so…) reveals to his son – and then to Beckett, when he becomes a suspect – that he enlisted the kid who ended up murdered to help track down a CIA turncoat who’s trying to sell a list of CIA deep cover operatives to the Iranians.

The ep provided quite a few hilarious moments to break the tension, which I appreciated. One of my favorites came early on, when Beckett & Castle are arriving at the crime scene, discussing the perfect wedding date. When Beckett says she wants to be flexible, of course Castle can’t resist the innuendo. The following exchange occurs:

Castle: (to Esposito) “Did you know that Beckett can lift her–”

Beckett: “No!”

Castle: (to Esposito) “I’ll tell you later.”

Beckett: “No!”

Castle: (chastened) “No.”

Hee. Other observations: when James Brolin smiles, he does look like he could be related to Nathan Fillion. He didn’t really smile much in his last episode, if at all. Also I’m glad his character got to interact with Martha. Susan Sullivan really knocked it out of the park in her scenes with him, and with Fillion, when they were interacting about Brolin’s character. And while I’m sure Alexis would feel left out if she learned about this whole thing (will her father and grandmother tell her or not?), it wasn’t necessary for her to be present this ep.

I think she's excited about this whole wedding idea.

I think she’s excited about this whole wedding idea.

The surgery scene with the whole Castle family (minus Alexis) operating on the Spy Father was ridiculous, but everyone played it kind of awesomely. I wonder how many times they cracked up during its filming.

I’m kind of glad they seem to have skipped the “Ryan-as-frazzled-new-dad” scenes. We already had Castle & Beckett taking care of a baby this season, just a few eps ago, and that was enough. But I’m even gladder that Beckett did get to hear the truth about Castle’s dad. Secrets between the two do not make me happy.

My favorite cute moment of the episode: when Castle decides that he and Beckett can get married in September after all. The way Beckett lit up was just plain adorable.

In summary, it was fine that Castle’s father showed up again, and I don’t mind the fact that he’ll probably make another appearance when the show needs a dash of spy hijinks/drama. Also, hooray for forward motion about the Rick-Kate wedding. I’m sure it will be lavish and very sweet.


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