Almost Human S1 Ep8 – You Are Here

After last week, I was afraid I was getting ready to not like this show anymore. This week was better, and it would have been even more enjoyable had it aired in the right order. It couldn’t have been any more obvious that it was meant to air earlier. So nice work there, scheduling folks at FOX. It’s not like you’ve ever messed up any other shows in a similar way, or anything. Not that this episode would have been perfect either way, but it sure would have made more sense.

Not so much with the "security" offered by this security camera.

Not so much with the “security” offered by this security camera.

At least I didn’t figure out the whole case right away. The idea of a self-guided, tracking bullet, while of course ridiculous, is also creepy. Too bad the girlfriend was a pretty bad actress, or that part of the story line might have been more compelling. I know I shouldn’t compare this show to Fringe every second, but the area of guest stars, thus far, is one of many areas in which Almost Human suffers in such a comparison.

Continuity-wise, this ep gets a good grade. I’m glad there is actually follow-up to the guy they caught when the bad guys stormed the precinct all those weeks ago (which probably was meant to be just one or two weeks before this episode). Not so glad that the Captain laughed off John blowing up another MX droid. Seriously, I don’t care how good of friends they are – that makes no sense. Even if the original, consequence-less action did lead to another cute conversation in the car between Dorian and John.

As another, much better scene once memorably told us, "I leave you with this pen."

As another, much better scene once memorably told us, “I leave you with this pen.”

I like the idea of handwritten notes – even more archaic than they are now – being especially romantic. I wonder if pens are supposed to be a collector’s item in 2048? However, I pretty much don’t care what John wrote to Detective Stahl, because they aren’t interesting. They’d be interesting if Minka Kelly had more range, perhaps, but as it is? Meh. The guest star’s story was cuter, even though she wasn’t a better actress, which is a rather sad commentary on the main female characters on this show.

All that said, let’s hope the rearranging of episodes is done. I’m still prepared to give this show the benefit of the doubt, and I still love John and Dorian (Rudy’s fun, too). So, if we could kick it up a notch, I’d be all for it!

How about you? Still hanging in there, or ready to give up in despair? Let us know in the comments.


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