Castle S6 Ep11 – Under Fire

Well, it wasn’t super-suspenseful in that I was pretty sure they weren’t going to kill off either Ryan or Esposito, but it was still a darn good episode.

According to Seamus Dever on Twitter, Stana Katic adlibbed the "I'm marrying him" line after Castle all but runs out of the building here. Hee.

According to Seamus Dever on Twitter, Stana Katic adlibbed the “I’m marrying him” line after Castle all but runs out of the building here. Hee.

This week’s case focuses around an arsonist who has escalated to murder: the murder of a fire investigator who was hot (er, no pun intended) on his trail. The investigator’s body turns up in the arsonist’s most recently burned building, dead from a gunshot wound to the head. While our team searches for answers, Ryan is  distracted by the fact that Jenny is past her due date, so their baby could come at any minute. Not that that will end up being an important plot point in this ep or anything…

In the end, Ryan and Esposito end up trapped in the sub-basement of the arsonist’s next target. While Castle, Beckett, Lanie, and Jenny watch in horror, the firefighters discover that they aren’t able to quell the blaze. Will the boys die? Well, no, they won’t. But that doesn’t mean we don’t get some excellent emotional scenes between the two of them, between Ryan & Jenny, and between Castle & Beckett. And seeing everyone’s joyous reunions at the end of the episode, once Beckett makes the arsonist help them get the boys out? Awwww.

Small things: why the heck was Esposito wearing a denim shirt with his tie?? I am mystified. Also mystifying: Lanie telling Jenny she should come sit in the “ambu-lance,” with a weird emphasis on the final syllable. But maybe my sister and I were the only ones distracted by that bizarre pronunciation.

*sniff* Yep, I'm tearing up again.

*sniff* Yep, I’m tearing up again.

My main complaint was with the writing of this episode: really? No one – not the fire investigator who was killed or his partner – thought to look at the building inspector who inspected every single one of the buildings that was burned down by the arsonist?! Seriously?! At least the arsonist wasn’t a firefighter, which has been the case in at least 90% of the previous TV episodes I’ve seen involving arson.

That glaring plot hole, though, was made up for in scenes like Ryan telling his wife over the phone, while trapped in the building, to name their baby Javier if it’s a boy. Esposito’s reaction was adorable: looking genuinely touched, and then asking his partner, “You’re going to name a white Irish kid Javier?” Heeee. And there was also Lanie sitting with Jenny in the ambulance, guiding her through the birth (although really, Lanie’s not that kind of a doctor, so maybe an EMT would have made more sense?), and then Ryan’s pure joy at seeing his wife and newborn daughter. *sniff* So sweet. Castle and Beckett kind of took a back seat this week, but that was fine. What scenes they had were good, and this week was all about Ryan & Jenny, and Ryan & Espo.

So what did you think? Should Ryan & Espo win all the awards for Best Bromance? Did you groan at the terribly punny episode title? Let us know in the comments!


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