Finally! Vin Diesel Confirms Role in Guardians of the Galaxy

Guardians of the Galaxy logo

Hey, remember when we told you that Vin Diesel was maybe/sort of/kind of/possibly but we really don’t know going to be involved in some Marvel film project? Well, we finally know which project, and it’s absolutely no surprise.

vin diesel posing with bust of groot

Vin Diesel with Groot

Everyone assumed he was going to be playing Groot, the alien tree creature in Guardians of the Galaxy, and it turns out everyone was right. Marvel has confirmed that he will be playing the character, most likely performing both the motion capture as well as his one line of dialogue (“I am Groot”).

Director James Gunn gave his support by tweeting: “Vin Diesel is a super awesome dude. I can’t tell you how much I like this guy.” Along with that endorsement, he included a picture of Diesel posing with a bust of his character.

Guardians of the Galaxy will be released in theaters August 1, 2014. Excited? Think that we could have been told this months ago when the rumors first started circling? Sound off in the comments!