Once Upon a Time in Wonderland, S1 Ep8 – Home

OUATIW, S1 Ep8 -- Featured Image

“Home” was good.  Not a fantastic winter finale, but definitely respectable in many ways.  Only some of the events seemed important enough to include before the show’s hiatus.  The episode stumbled more than a few times, from forced cameos to odd flashbacks.  Yet, I still find that I enjoyed “Home” very much, surprisingly.  The ending may deserve credit for this, because it’s definitely going to stick with me over this break.  The rest of it is a tad hazy, mostly because I was confused as to why certain bits were there in the first place.  Let me explain.

Will and AliceThe secret hideaway Cyrus is able to procure through some dealings with The Caterpillar is pretty cool and appropriate for the lovey-dovey storyline.  The pair now has a place where they can be safe.  It’s all very adorable.  I just don’t understand why it couldn’t have been described by Alice instead of devoting much of the episode to its appearance and explanation.  Flashbacks up until now have been there for good reason, explaining some pivotal information concerning our main characters.  They’ve helped the audience to truly understand why the players in this story make the choices they make.  The flashbacks in “Home” tell us that Cyrus is willing to make sacrifices for Alice, but we’ve known that about him for a long time now.  Cyrus’ gift could have easily been described by Alice as she conversed with Will on their way to the makeshift safe house.  That would have been natural for the conversation.  Other flashback material shown in the past would have been out of place in a casual exchange between characters.  The time used to show you why the hideaway was there could have been utilized in a better fashion.  That bit of the story was interesting enough, but useless as far as the progression of the plot in concerned.

Alice and Mrs. RabbitWhoopi Goldberg is fantastic.  However, that part of “Home” felt forced to me as well.  Mrs. Rabbit is part of the flashback, but again, it just felt like information we didn’t need.  I believe the word I’m looking for is, well… slow.  There were crucial things happening elsewhere in the story that could have used more time.  The White Rabbit’s reunion with his wife and children is sweet, but we didn’t need to know about his wife’s background for the sake of the main plot (though, it is quite cool that she’s a medicine woman).  Everything learned from “Home” would have been appropriate in the proper context.  For me, a winter finale from OUATIW should be packed to the brim with drama and danger.  The pace was too slow for my liking, and I’m thinking it’s because there were so many things included in “Home” that didn’t push the envelope.

Let’s talk about what we loved.  The finale of the finale was by the far the best part of the entire episode.  We are provided with the immediate confession of Anastasia wanting Will back.  Was this transition of feelings completely fluid?  I don’t think so, but it was heading that way.  Might as well hang on for the bumpy ride.  She’ll have to use powers of persistence, though, because Will is not having any of it.  It made me sad, but we all knew it was never going to be easy for her to get him back.  Here’s hoping she’s sincere in her pursuits.

WillCyrus and Alice are finally reunited.  Did any one else feel a bit underwhelmed (for silly reasons)?  I guess in my mind I expected fireworks to go off and a flock of doves to take off in flight.  The truly grand part, however, was the twist ending.  Clearly, Jafar is pissed and he sends a homemade storm after our gang of adventurers.  Will is hit and is dying, but Alice is in the same boat, remember?  The wish she made guaranteed they would share the same fate in death.  Of course, they’re not going to kill off both Alice and her best friend, so what does Will do?  He makes a wish for Alice’s suffering to go away, and something happens that he did not intend.  Hagrid voice: “You’re a genie, Will.”  Suddenly, Cyrus is a mere mortal and Will is trapped in a bottle.  Alice is no longer dying, but the next quest is clear: Find Will.  This was a neat way to wrap the episode.  Cyrus’ abilities are gone and Will is fully stocked in the wish department.  Jafar will have to start all over again.  All quests should not involve missing persons, though.  They had better find Will fast.

I don’t want to say that the ending made the episode, but truthfully it did.  Everything came together quite nicely, even though other sections of the episode didn’t live up to what a winter finale should be.  To be perfectly honest, I’m WAY excited for the next episode.  Why?  It’s obvious, isn’t it?  WILL IS A GENIE.  Hilarity will ensue!  Don’t know how many people have lost faith in OUATIW, but you shouldn’t give up just yet.


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