Almost Human S1 Ep 6 – Arrhythmia

This episode had a fantastic teaser – dramatic, Fringe-y, and intriguingly creepy. I liked the idea of holographic nurses in the hospital waiting room, and the red herring of the angry guy whose nurse malfunctioned was effective. The concept that shutting down the illegal transplant ring meant endangering and possibly ending innocent lives was also compelling. Minka Kelly (Det. Stahl) may not be the greatest actress, but I like that the character sought and found a way to do something about that ethical dilemma.

Insert your own Doublemint gum joke here.

Insert your own Doublemint gum joke here.

Seeing the other DRN unit was an interesting plot point. Michael Ealy did a nice subtle job of making them different but obviously just about the same person. (He, Anna Torv, and John Noble should have a chat about that, especially if he needs any pointers.) As the audience, we couldn’t help but sympathize with him because we like our Dorian, but I could certainly see why John wouldn’t immediately trust him like our Dorian did. He had good reason, of course.

And hey, on a related note, we had an actual in-show mention of Kennex’s tendency to break the rules! And I assume he will actually have to pay the traffic ticket Dorian wrote him. After Dorian’s easy manipulation of his partner into donating to the fund for injured children, I can’t imagine Dorian will let him off the hook there, either. I hope John gets into more trouble if he continues to decide the rules aren’t made for him, especially when it results in death (like him shooting the drug lord a few weeks ago). That said, we’re obviously supposed to sympathize with Dorian’s rule-breaking in letting the other DRN ride along. At least we can assume Maldonado gave them both a dressing-down for it at the end. Too bad Dorian can’t be made to pay the cost of the MX droid damaged because of him. It’s easy for him to say “My bad,” but it’s pretty clear they don’t pay him anything so he can’t do anything about it. I suppose he “donates” his time protecting and serving, so there’s that.

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You’d really have to admire the people running this, if it weren’t for that pesky extortion thing.

I hope we’ll hear more about this Luger test Dorian mentioned, for seeing whether the DRNs were glitchy enough to be retired. Seems like a natural continuation of the story of Dorian’s quest to be a cop like he was made to be – I’m thinking maybe what’s-his-face, the rude other cop who doesn’t like John or Dorian, might bring up that test at some point and want Dorian to take it. I’m not sure we can hope for something as great as Star Trek: TNG‘s “The Measure of a Man” to come out of it, but who knows? Certainly there’s fertile ground for possible ways for this to play out – and I’m on board for seeing where they go next.

How about you? Already coming with nicknames for DRN-494 and possible other models, a la Olivia and Fauxlivia from Fringe? Let us know below.


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