Arrow S2 Ep9 – Three Ghosts

Arrow S2 Ep9 - Three Ghosts

Season two of Arrow has set a new standard for what a comic book show should be. This season has brought us way more drama, fleshed out a lot of the lead characters, dropped a ton of DC references, and entertained us with some sweet action scenes. “Three Ghosts” brings even more of that to the table, further expanding on the show’s mythology.

As the title may suggest, in this episode Ollie is visited by three ghosts. Of course they’re not really ghosts. They’re hallucinations. These manifestations of people he once knew are seemingly a side effect of the Mirakuru he was injected with in “The Scientist.” Later we find out that these hallucinations are not a side effect at all, but are manifested psychologically because of his guilt. Ollie just has to work out some issues in his head before he can continue his fight and really thrive as Starling City’s protector. This was definitely one of the more intriguing parts of the story. It aided in fleshing out Ollie’s character a bit more as we see he’s still struggling with the deaths of people from his past. It’s also fitting because “Three Ghosts” is a Christmas episode, and the premise is an obvious homage to Charles Dickens’ A Christmas Carol. That being said, watching Ollie confront his ghosts is one thing, but seeing him literally fight one is another. Slade, who ends up being Ollie’s second hallucination, fights him in his Arrow Cave. watching that scene I just wondered, “Is this really happening?” Of course, Slade wasn’t actually there, but Ollie’s cave still gets busted up as a result. Weird.

Unfortunately, these ghosts of Ollie’s are preventing him from really tackling matters at hand. Brother Blood’s henchman Cyrus Gold is still out there causing a ruckus in Starling City. Ollie’s nonappearance as the vigilante even leads to an officer being killed and former detective Lance being placed in intensive care.

Arrow S2 Ep9 - Three Ghosts

Could this guy show up on Arrow eventually?

Ollie still has some motivation to go do investigating out of costume, though. With Diggle’s help he searches Cyrus Gold’s apartment. Cyrus intervenes, leading to Diggle having to run for his life, but before this he does find a familiar nursery rhyme: “Solomun Grundy. Born on a Monday.” DC Comics readers will definitely recognize this rhyme and judging from the ending of “Three Ghosts,” we will be seeing Cyrus Gold return as the classic DC villain Solomon Grundy. That’s definitely something to look forward to. I wonder how the writers are going to pull that off.

Meanwhile, during Ollie’s island flashbacks, Ollie and crew are cornered by Dr. Ivo. With the help of his henchmen Ivo captures Ollie, Shado, and Sara Lance. He then forces Ollie to choose who he will kill: Shado or Sara. The two women in Ollie’s love triangle. He pleads with Ivo not to shoot either, even going as far as putting himself in front of Ivo’s gun. Ivo then decides to shoot Shado through the head, killing her. Afterwards, Slade comes back and saves the rest of them with his new Mirakuru-supplied superhuman strength. Going into this episode I knew that someone was going to die. Also, early in the episode we could assume Shado was going to be the one to kick the bucket, because she showed up as Ollie’s first ghost. While I’m not crazy about the writers killing off Shado, I’m just glad no fan-favorites were killed off, like Felicity or Diggle. But Shado’s death looks like it may just be a plot device used to turn Slade Wilson into the series’ next villain.

Back in present day Starling City we have another love triangle still brewing. Felicity and forensic scientist Barry Allen obviously have a thing for one another, judging from their behavior in “The Scientist.” This triangle is short lived as Barry realizes Felicity cares deeply for Ollie. He eventually stops pursuing Felicity and returns home as planned.

Arrow S2 Ep9 – Three Ghosts

Barry Allen will return.

Other than building the relationship between Ollie and Felicity, “Three Ghosts” sets up several subplots that will be explored next year. Roy Harper is injected with Mirakuru, and after watching the promo for the next episode we see he will also have super human strength similar to that of Cyrus Gold and Slade Wilson. As stated before, Cyrus Gold will most likely return as Solomon Grundy. The conclusion of “Three Ghosts” also sets up Slade Wilson as a villain, since we see he’s alive and well living in Starling City with a grudge against Ollie for some unknown reason. Ollie finally gets a mask courtesy of Barry Allen, but before that reveal we get to see the scene everyone’s been waiting for.

Barry Allen, after returning to Central City, becomes The Flash. Well, he doesn’t become The Flash  just yet, but he does get struck by lightning due to a particle accelerator incident in Central City. We all know he will be back with super speed in his own CW series premiering next year. I’m definitely looking forward to that. I’m just sad we have to wait so long to see him get into his red tights. I’m confident that show will be one to watch. Grant Gustin’s performance as Barry Allen was great. In just two episodes I really got a feel for his character and love the direction the writers went with him.

Overall, “Three Ghosts” was a solid mid season finale. It had a decent climax and added more to the mythology. Also, it was nice seeing actor Colin Donnell return as Ollie’s third ghost, the deceased Tommy Merlyn, helping Ollie overcome his personal issues and saving the day. This episode made me excited to see what the show will pull off when it returns in January 2014. And who knows? Maybe sometime in the future we’ll see these versions of Green Arrow and The Flash team up with Batman, Superman, and Wonder Woman. I’m keeping my fingers crossed.


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