Almost Human S1 Ep 5 – Blood Brothers

This felt like a classic monster-of-the-week X-Files episode (what with the murderous clones, I’m thinking season one’s “Eve”), or again, an early S1 Fringe ep. That’s not a bad thing, and it was done well. Plus we had Dorian flipping vans and being awesome, development of the female characters in the cast, and a compelling guest star. I hope she comes back, because she could have been trite and irritating, but she was fun and interesting, and very well-acted.

"Life-size Ken doll", indeed.

“Life-size Ken doll,” indeed.

I like that we saw what Dorian’s non-work life is like – and I loved that he and John commiserated about how awful those conditions are. I saw on Twitter that Michael Ealy said he and Karl Urban had trouble doing the scene in the car at the beginning without cracking up. That’s hardly surprising, given how hilariously awkward it was. I guess awkward life conversations with John and Dorian, set in their car, is going to be a thing now? Not that I’m complaining. Can’t wait to see if Dorian does get to move out somewhere else. He probably won’t live with John, but that would be quite amusing, too.

The twins playing Ethan Avery and his clones (Graham and Alex Miller) did an excellent job. I like that Avery wasn’t a scenery-chewing egomaniac; he was just quietly completely confident (and a psychopath). The clone story was not the most original. However, it unfolded in an interesting way, and as I mentioned it allowed both Captain Maldonado and Detective Stahl to get some time devoted to them. More of them would be appreciated in later episodes.

Also, it was an interesting twist to have Dorian, who is unquestionably smarter and more knowledgeable than Kennex, be the partner who acted agnostic (at most) about Maya the witness’s supposed psychic abilities. So we get the very Wyman-appropriate scientific treatment meant to increase brain usage, along with people who accept the possibility of mental powers without nitpicking too much. (I, on the otherd hand, could nitpick about how humans actually don’t only use a small percentage of our brains, but I’ll pass.) Dorian’s empathy also continues to be a beautiful thing, as does his continuing quiet journey to learn about life and death.

They could have gone with reanimating the clone's corpse, but this works too.

They could have gone with reanimating the clone’s corpse, but this works too.

Another nice thing was that both Kennex and Stahl had their feelings for each other pointed out (at least strongly hinted at), while not finding it necessary to a) angst about it, or b) immediately leap into each other’s arms (or beds). Neither John nor the audience knows Stahl well enough yet for me to want that. A growing friendship, though, I can totally get behind.

So what did you think? Still hoping for more of an arc? Let us know below.


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