Dracula S1 Ep6: Of Monsters and Men

NBC’s Dracula has made it to its mideseason finale, and it looks like it will return in January, suggesting that lush eye-candy does pay off. Even if the show is tedious. Not that Dracula is tedious all the time — it has its moments, especially Lady Jayne’s storyline and Renfield’s backstory in Episode 5. But the show is flawed by its insistence in making Dracula a good guy. His murders are brushed off as feedings, necessary and OK because he’s a good guy. Don’t get me wrong, I dislike the “veggie vampire” trope, where vampires can get by on animal blood; it’s not that I think Dracula should go down that path. That would make him the Edward Cullen-type vampire fans of Stoker’s Dracula generally hate. But making us think his vampire ways aren’t so bad, just a bit inconvenient, does make him little more than a Twilight vampire. Especially when everything he does is for his mystical eternal love, either in the past or present. Loving one woman passionately and seeing virtually everyone else as disposable is not really a good guy trait. And that’s great. I don’t want Dracula to be a good guy. Yet, I constantly feel (except for a couple of Lady Jayne scenes) like I’m supposed to be rooting for him and swooning at his eternal love for Mina, and I just don’t care.

Episode 6, “Of Monsters and Men,” leaves off with two major (though predictable) plot developments: Dracula’s ability to walk in the sun, and Lucy’s admission that she’s a lesbian. Reagrding the sunlight storyline, I’ve beaten this subject into the ground already. Dracula walks in the sun anyway in canon; I don’t care about a convoluted storyline explaining it. But Van Helsing’s serum finally worked, and Dracula (as Grayson) was able to go to a daytime “business meeting,” sort of debunking suspicions that he was, in fact, a vampire. Speaking of suspicions, Mina has been experimenting with Grayson’s blood, and finding that it just doesn’t die. Will Mina find out that Grayson is an immortal vampire? Of course she will. Will she eventually become an immortal vampire herself so she and Drac can live on forever in eternal love? Isn’t that the whole point of the show?

Lucy’s stepping out of the closet would be great if I didn’t fully expect her to become a vampire and die within the next couple of episodes. The show doesn’t care about the canon, that’s clear, but Lucy seems just as doomed as her novel counterpart, and Mina’s horrified reaction to Lucy’s advances didn’t help anything. Or maybe Lucy will become Jayne’s right hand and they’ll fight vampires together. That would make the show worth watching. Especially if they took down Dracula first.


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