Supernatural, S9 Ep09 – Holy Terror

Supernatural, s9 ep09--Sam, Castiel, and Dean at a bar

I…I don’t quite know how to write this review. What can I say as I curl up under my blanket fort in traditional Supernatural mourning? This episode went from pretty cool to HELL NO in just a matter of seconds at the end. The worst part is that the writers have been wasting my time with things like Dean turning into a dog and Zeke bringing people back from the dead again. This season started off with such great potential and they’ve done nothing with it. I understand that they need to stretch things out with filler to meet the season’s episode quota, but this season also feels like they don’t know what to do with their main story either.

Castiel praying in lotus position

Praying for a better angel character.

There has been so much that they could have played with, and now that we’re finally getting back into the meat of the main myth arc, it’s coming off a bit dull. I think that’s partly because the way they portray most of the angels is boring. While Naomi brought something new and bureaucratically sinister to the table, along with perfect acting from Amanda Tapping, Bart’s just another bland corporate angel type. He doesn’t come anywhere close to the creepy, mild-mannered menace of Zachariah. And now there’s a rival faction headed by some dude named Malachi, who is also less than awesome. There’s plenty of potential with the angels, and we’ve seen some cool stuff with them (the opening of this episode in fact), but I don’t care about the leaders of these two factions. That story has just been underwhelming.


He’s like an evil garden gnome.

But Metatron’s return might shake things up for the better. He has turned out to be an intriguing new terror for the show. While fans have expressed their love for Lucifer and Yellow Eyes, Metatron has been met primarily by hate. He’s a great villain, one that can unite us in our despising of him. He’s a different kind of evil; manipulative in a way we haven’t really seen before on the show. And now he wants to rebuild heaven and become God. Interesting. What is going on in his head? How has he gained so much power? Why did God pick him as the scribe in the first place? If ever the show were to bring God into the mix, as in having him actually appear, this might be the storyline for it. But you know that’s never going to happen…


“Cas is back in town.”

Speaking of God, the only angel I truly adore and care about is Castiel. Being human was supposed to be such a fun plot line for him, but the writers felt the need to take him away from the Winchesters. Again. Why? They could have had at all! That scene in the bar where Cas got drunk on one beer, we could have had half a season of that, but no! Anyway, now Cas has gotten dragged back into the fight thanks to some nice torturing on Malachi’s part. And he stole another angel’s grace, leveling back up. But how does that work? Is an angel’s grace something that’s special for each angel or is it just a basic energy they all have? Is this going to be like using another wizard’s wand in Harry Potter, or will there be no side effects and this was just a cheap way to get Cas back to full strength? I was so hoping he would have to go on a journey of discovery to find his grace again, but oh well. It’s nice to see him back in action at any rate. Hopefully this will give him a good plot line for the rest of the season, something actually interesting this time.

It’s all angels all the time this episode with the next one on my list that I need to talk about being Zeke, or should I say Gadreel. It turns out that the real Ezekiel died in the fall, and that angel possessing Sam is someone named Gadreel, an angel who was locked away for letting evil slip into the Garden. We all knew that Zeke wasn’t trustworthy, but this was unexpected. He’s been so boring, though, that I’m glad everything’s out in the open. And now of course he’s working for Metatron, taking Sam with him. He told Dean “There is no more Sam,” which makes it sound like he’s done something to Sam, but I doubt it. But still, Dean has to go rescue his brother from a rogue angel and it’s all his fault. He’s going to feel so guilty, especially considering what happened in the last five minutes…

Kevin Tran

RIP Kevin Tran. You were of the most advanced placement in our hearts.

KEVIN DIED! How could they do this to us?! I had started to hope that Kevin might be safe, that they wouldn’t kill him off, that maybe he would become the new Bobby, but I should have known better. But WHY!? He was so innocent and young and his life had been flipped upside down. He never even got to find out if Crowley was lying about his mother’s death. What if Ms. Tran is still alive and she finds out what happened to her son? I just—can’t. Nope, I can’t deal with this. Kevin was so good, and Osric Chau likes to cosplay and write fan fiction about his own character. We are losing a treasure here! And not only that, Kevin has been the only bit of color in a very white cast. Supernatural has never been great about handling minority characters, with their treatment of women being particularly well known, but almost all of their main and recurring characters are white, with only a few exceptions over the years (and most of those being the bad guys), so losing Kevin is also losing something more than a beloved character and putting a brilliant actor out of work. It’s losing diversity in a rather monochrome cast.

I’m just going to pretend that Kevin will come back. Or that was his evil twin or something. He’s hanging out with Gabriel, Blathazar, Samandriel, Ellen, Jo, Bobby, and the rest of them in their secret fortress of characters who aren’t really dead. Yep, that’s what I’m going to believe.

New episodes don’t start up again until January 14, so let’s break out the fan fiction and the nutella, it’s gonna be a long ride!


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