Almost Human S1 Ep 4 – The Bends

Well, other than an in media res beginning that was a shade too abrupt, I enjoyed this one. I have to say that this show is more case-of-the-week than I was initially expecting, but it’s working for me so far. There’s enough character growth that it’s not completely free of a feeling of development. And maybe it will be like Fringe, where once we’ve gotten to know everyone, the end of the first season really picks up the pace and the overarching plot. I hope so, because I’d like it to be a worthy successor to that show.

This was a neat little detail, although I personally wouldn't enjoy a phone actually attached to my hand.

This was a neat little detail, although I personally wouldn’t enjoy a phone actually attached to my hand.

So the fact that the narcotics captain turned out to be dirty wasn’t even remotely a surprise. I didn’t see him being the boss, Bishop, from the very beginning, but even that wasn’t exactly a shock. I mean, I totally believe that working in narcotics – especially undercover – would be terrifically stressful, but has there ever been a cop show where someone wasn’t dirty? It would be refreshing if some show decided to take that route sometime.

The Japanese restaurant segment was cute, although rather random apart from providing a good moment for Dorian to prank John again. I guess Kennex really loves Asian food, as we’ve already seen, but I’d prefer to learn that in a way that ties slightly more organically into the plot of the episode.  Also still wondering why, in an episode about drugs and addiction, there was not a sign of John’s drug problems. We haven’t seen him take any since the pilot, but again, surely we’re not meant to believe he just quit. We will get actual follow-up, right?

Rudy + fedora = OTP.

Rudy + fedora = OTP.

On a more positive note, how great was Mackenzie Crook here? I’m glad he got his turn to shine, and his eagerness to make his undercover identity his own was endearing. I could have done without the fart jokes, because I never want those. Overall, though, it was fun. Definitely cracked up at his nervous, “Let’s rock… and roll, let’s rock and roll.” And it brought about the return of the fedora to a Wyman production (in an episode where someone was also called Bishop), which made me smile. Also electronic bugs that are actual robotic roaches, which was nasty and apt.

One further thing – I know John’s breaking the rules when it suits him is a part of his character. And obviously we don’t mind bad guys being punished. However, I assume that even in this future dystopia, those moments should have consequences. Perhaps both this and the drug use plus PTSD are all going to come to a head at the same time. I have a hunch that’s where they’re going with it all.

What about you? Did you enjoy Rudy’s chance to go in the field? Wish it was the analyst John has a crush on, instead? Let us know below.