Castle S6 Ep 10 – The Good, The Bad, & The Baby

This was a fun, relatively lighthearted episode to balance out last week’s serious stuff.

The little baby is quite the charismatic cutie!

The little baby is quite the charismatic cutie!

The ep begins with a bleeding man rushing into a Catholic church, who collapses and dies right after he manages to hand the priest a baby. It’s not Cameron’s (the murder victim’s) baby. In fact, no one knows whose he is, but Castle is happy to help take care of him while the team tries to find out. He dubs the adorable little guy “Cosmo,” which is apparently what he was going to name Alexis if she’d been a boy. Heh.

Investigation reveals that Cameron had a shady past as a getaway driver, but he cleaned up his life and went straight since then, for the sake of his wife. (How many spouses/significant others on this show have had similar pasts?) But his boss at the limousine service company discovered this and pressured him into taking part in a heist scheme to fix the lottery. The baby actually belongs to the woman who announces the winning lottery numbers. Cameron overheard the rest of the crew’s plans to kill the baby and his parents after they got the money, so he sacrificed himself to save little Benny.

Meanwhile, we see that Beckett is at first uncomfortable around the baby. She finally admits that she’s “not a baby person” to Castle, who’s a bit displeased by this. But she also assures him that when they have their own kids, she’ll get over it. I can’t say I mind her total lack of doubt that she and Castle will have kids together! I also don’t blame her for not being super-jazzed about babies. I’ve felt that way, myself.

Other things: it’s kind of a cliche that Ryan, the impending first-time father, couldn’t get the baby to stop crying when he tried to hold him. But at least he didn’t end the ep convinced that he would be a failure as a dad. And it was believable that Castle would be very confident and good with Cosmo/Benny at first (I snickered at his “RHD – Ruggedly Handsome Dad”), and yet, that he and Beckett would be just like exhausted parents of newborns after they took care of him for a night. They definitely made a good team, though!

"You take me to the most exotic places." Romantic, too!

Dumpsters: both exotic and romantic, apparently!

Also, kudos to Beckett for pretty much falling for Castle’s trick about his family dressing up for Thanksgiving dinner, while still managing to outsmart him via making him wear a costume as well. Although that does make me wonder if her dad showed up in costume, too…

Final comments: I totally called that Cameron’s boss and the chief of security were both in on Cameron’s murder and the lottery powerball heist. This show does tend to telegraph that kind of thing. Oh, well. I love it, anyway. And speaking of things I like, Alexis’s reaction upon coming home and seeing Martha, Rick, and Kate with the baby was great: “How long have I been gone?” Heeee.

All right, it looks like this was our last Castle ep until the new year. Happy holidays, everyone! See you in 2014.


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