Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. S1 Ep9 – Repairs

Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. S1 Ep9 - Repairs

The conclusion of last week’s  Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. implied that Agents Ward and May were going to get it on in May’s hotel room. Despite that episode’s obvious implication I hoped that it wasn’t true. In “Repairs” we find out that it was, as both May and Ward are getting dressed in that same room the next morning. Ward even suggests they each take alternate routes back to their plane to avoid suspicion from the other team members. One line of dialogue from him might also suggest they have done this before. The pairing of Ward and May is odd at best, but it’s probably supposed to be. There really was no build up to this happening at all. It seems both characters just needed it at the moment and decided to act. It happens. Now I’m just wondering if this will lead to more awkward moments between the two during missions, or worse, a love triangle.

Well, now that’s out of the way, so let me get on to the meat of the episode. The team is called to a disturbance involving a woman named Hannah Hutchins who seems to display telekinetic abilities. She is deemed a murderer by her fellow townspeople due to a recent particle accelerator incident. She becomes frightened and saddened by their anger, which results in cars driving on their own and things exploding. Before things escalate any further Agent May shoots Hutchins with a tranquilizer, and the team takes her onto their plane. Agents Coulson and May then proceed to interrogate Hutchins, and as the episode progresses we learn that there’s more to her than a simple case of uncontrollable telekinesis.

Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. - RepairsThis episode focused a lot on Skye and Agent May. Skye does her best to help out with Hutchins as she continuously requests to talk to and console her. Skye tries to prove that she’s a good fit for the team. She displays interest in their current mission and genuine concern for Hutchins. With each episode she is redeeming herself for her past mistakes.

As for Agent May, her back story gets fleshed out a bit more here. We learn that she wasn’t always the cold person she is now. In a conversation between Coulson and Skye, Coulson reveals that since the events that resulted in May being called “The Cavalry” she has changed drastically. He even suggests she used to be a bit of a prankster. Since the beginning of the show May has come off as cold and uptight at times. Skye even mentions to Ward earlier in the episode that May “needs to get laid,” to which Ward returns a brief, awkward silence.

Other highlights of this episode include Fitz and Simmons getting into some hijinks and serving as the episode’s comic relief. They try to think of ways to prank Skye and each other, which leads to a few laugh-out-loud moments. Fitz and Simmons continue to be my favorite characters on the show, and any onscreen time devoted to them is always appreciated.

Overall “Repairs” was OK. It was definitely an improvement on last week’s episode, but the show is still struggling. The main story in this episode wasn’t anything special, but I’m glad it was more than just a story about a girl with telekinetic powers. The plot twist involving the episode’s antagonist being caught between two dimensions was a nice surprise. Agent May’s character development was good to see, but I’m still not keen on her relationship with Ward. The stinger at the end of the episode was a nice way to leave things off. After saving the day, May begins to show signs of her older, warmer self and plays a prank on Fitz. We even get a smile out of her. I like seeing that she can be more than just a woman who kicks butt.

The next episode of Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. won’t premiere for another two weeks, on December 10th. That episode will mark the return of J. August Richards’ character, Mike Peterson, who last appeared in the series’ pilot. I’m looking forward to seeing his return, and hope the show sheds some light on the secret agency that created his Centipede device, which gave him his super human abilities. We haven’t heard about them in a while.


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