DC Comics Cancels Stormwatch

Stormwatch #30 Cover
Stormwatch #30 Interior

Jeremy Roberts pencils final issue

When DC Comics’ New 52 line launched in 2011 it merged the worlds of DC Comics with their imprints Vertigo and Wildstorm. Since then comics based on Vertigo characters, like Swamp Thing, have thrived. Unfortunately, the Wildstorm based comics have not. Grifter, Voodoo, and Team 7 have all been cancelled for good reason, but now we can add Stormwatch to that list. Stormwatch #30, the final issue, is set to release in April of 2014.

I can’t say I’m angry or surprised at this move by DC. For one I’m not an avid reader of Stormwatch so it doesn’t affect me personally. Secondly, it feels like we can’t go a month without seeing a New 52 series getting cancelled. Perhaps having 52 issues come out every month isn’t the smartest move. It’s a case of quality versus quantity and DC has been all about the latter. Although, I can’t say whether or not Stormwatch was a poor series. Maybe it has just run its course.

There is a silver lining to this story though. New artist Jeremy Roberts will be penciling the entire final issue of Stormwatch. Roberts’ work can be seen in the recently released Harley Quinn #0. In case you don’t know, he was the winner of a recent talent search contest run by DC. Although, he has worked on covers and colors for both Marvel Comics and Devil’s Due Press in the past, Harley Quinn #0 was his first work on interior art. Now he will have an entire issue drawn by him next April, moving him up from freelance artist to a DC Comics regular, hopefully.

So, Stormwatch readers, let us know what you think about this recent cancellation from DC Comics. Will you miss this series or are you glad its ending?