Sandman Overture Second Issue Delayed

Sandman Overture installment 2 front page artSandman Overture, the prequel series to Neil Gaiman’s popular Sandman, released its first issue this October, with the intent of releasing a new one every two months. But issue #2 won’t be arriving this December. In fact, it won’t be out until February.

Who can you blame for the delay? Well, Neil Gaiman says it’s his fault. He answered an ask on tumblr, explaining the situation:

I understand your disappointment and sympathise. We’re both [he and artist J.H. Williams III] really sorry about the delay. It’s unprofessional, and is mostly due to the giant signing tour I was on from June, and me not getting script written on the tour, with knock-on effects. We’re hoping it’ll be the only delay though.

At least he’s honest, and considering the crazy schedule he must have, it’s perfectly understandable. Looks like he’s human after all. So don’t worry about Overture. It’ll be delayed by one issue, but it sounds like things will be back on track after that. Be sure to look for issue #2 in February.