Glee S5 E4 – “A Katy or a Gaga”

Kurt is at work, going through his diner spiel when he realizes that his bespectacled sweater wearing customer is none other than Starchild! Under all that eyeliner and sparkles is a handsome young man, who wants to chat with Kurt about his band. He’s from Jersey, he’s a student at NYC (didn’t get into NYADA which – yeah. Okay then!) and he really wants to be in the band – even if that means toning things down. But Kurt has taken Rachel’s talk to heart and invites Elliot – and/or Starchild – in to the as yet unnamed group. His best chance at success is to be surrounded by the best and the brightest and that’s him.

As Santana says, “Hot damn”.

Sam chats with Penny. She enjoyed the part of the performance where the girl got suspended but otherwise? Not so much. Truth time? She doesn’t actually have a musical dark side. It’s more a “date douche bags and listen to their music” and she’s actually a Katy through and through. She’s done with bad boys! Sam is so relieved – he’s a Katy through and through! Maybe they can catch a concert if she ever comes to Ohio? Or – says Sam – maybe she’ll accompany him to the Glee Club performance? Penny says yes and there is enthusiastic kissing.

The Gagas do a wonderful job with their performance – Jake, Kitty, Tina and Unique sing “Wide Awake” by Katy Perry in street clothes, sitting on stools. It’s a gorgeous showcase of their individual voices and harmonies. Top notch. And the audience is entirely impressed (especially a cuddling Penny and Sam).

Jake snags Marley – still dressed as Katy – at her locker. She’s sad about the suspension and Jake tries to cheer her up. They have the house to themselves because his mom’s working. How about “Mary Poppins” on DVD? Oh and she should keep the outfit and the wig on…

Which leads to them making out on the bed but when he makes a move for a region past her shoulder, she pushes him off. The argument starts – he wants to have more between them. He’s been patient for her and that’s not his usual MO. Marley refuses to be pressured and throws her wig at him. If he wants sex that badly, go find a girl who’ll give it to him.

Jake seems responsive to Marley’s distress but in the next scene, he’s approaching Bree at school. And it’s not more dance rehearsal he’s looking for – it’s a hook-up.

No Jake no! Not self-sabotage and bad behavior! Except yes, exactly that.

Bushwick Loftites plus two. Santana, Dani, Kurt and Elliot are musing over band names and pizza. Nothing the girls are coming up with appeal to Kurt, who is officially the “No bot” of the group. Enter Rachel, who’s had a long day at rehearsal, and sarcastically offers “Pamela Lansbury” as an alternative. Kurt loves it – and so does everyone else. And so, since she named the band, she has to join! Rachel allows herself to get swept away into the excitement. And the line up is set!

Back at McKinley, the Gagas are dressed as Katys and the Katys are dressed like Gagas and everyone is freaking out. Seems Throat Explosions is doing Gaga for Nationals and they’re clearly poised for a win, with no respect for the challenge New Directions might bring. Will tries to calm them down. Competition between artists – even the friendly kind – can lead to even greater music. Use the “best” of someone else to strive for your own better. There’s some eye rolling but hey, Ryder thinks he’s a genius!

Enter Sue, who realized she hasn’t marched into the choir room and made them miserable in a while so – one week suspension for Glee Club because their costumes violate the dress code. Will argues they have only a few weeks before Nationals and she said she wants them to win. No, says Sue. They have to win to remain a club. And she doesn’t really want that to happen.

So it’s war again and Sue can’t wait…except Will doesn’t look afraid. In fact, he points out, through out this war he has always found a way to win. So now? She better get ready to hear New Directions “Roar”.

Sorry Sue and the haters - New Directions can't hear you over the sound of their musical empowerment.

Sorry Sue and the haters – New Directions can’t hear you over the sound of their musical empowerment.

Yes, another Katy Perry hit and well, it looks like the kids aren’t all that afraid of Sue either. She may have an atomic bomb but they’ve been through this battle, and they’re aware of their own power. Led off by Tina, they sing their way out of the room and down the hall for a frantic dance and frightening of other students before reaching the auditorium.

Onto a jungle set stage – and complete with loin cloths and bikinis – they dance and cavort to the Katy anthem.

In New York, Pamela Lansbury lends their voices as the five swing and sing their way through the song in the loft.

Look out world – New Directions and Pamela Lansbury are ready to take on the world.

This was a fun episode – after the break, it was a nice way to pick back up before a long stretch of new episodes. Jarley drama has been written on the wall since they were a) happy and b) Klaine got engaged. Someone has to suffer the fates of being on a dramatic comedy! The humor was sharp and damn funny, and illuminated the important relationships on the show. Friendship continues to be the forte of recent Glee – including Marley and Unique, Sam and Blaine and Kurt and Rachel. Each of these moments – in duos and groups – show the real magic of this show.

And welcome Adam Lambert! It’s a shame he’s not due to stick around for a long period of time (well, I imagine recording albums and potentially touring with Queen is more of a priority) because Elliot is charming and well – his voice! But we’ll take what we can get!

Next week? Twerking, more Sue vs. New Directions and tattoos?!

Tere’s Episode Round-up:

What made me laugh: Nearly every word out of Unique’s mouth. Hashtag preach – that one is getting used as many times as I can.

What made me sniffle: “Wide Awake” was stunning and I really felt Marley’s pain.

What made me side-eye: How many lead vocalists does Pamela Lansbury have?

What I’m listening to on repeat: Everything!

What I’m looking forward to next week: I’m a little bit nervous, to be honest!

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