Once Upon a Time in Wonderland S1 Ep4 – The Serpent

OUATIW, S1 Ep4 -- Featured Image

Not quite as good as last week’s, but I’ll take it!  This episode was a crash course commonly known as Jafar: 101.  We know what makes his clock tick and how he came to be the heartless genie hunter he is today.  What did you think of his story?  The lovely writers also gave us the Anastasia/Will interaction we’d been hoping for (following OUATIW‘s lead, I’ll be calling him Will from now on).  There was very little screen time set aside for Cyrus, but what are you going to do?  The poor guy’s in jail.  Not much for him to do.  A brand new character entered the scene as well.  Don’t know much about her yet, but I think I’m going to like Will’s ex-apprentice.  She’s got moxie.  All in all, “The Serpent” was mainly devoted to our menacing malefactors.

AmaraAllow me to quote the Disney classic: “Jafar, Jafar, he’s our man.  If he can’t do it, GREAT!”  I really, really don’t like you.  Not one bit.  No sympathy for you either.  Your rags-to-revenge story was compelling, but a little too predictable.  I had a good sense of where it was going immediately after you chose to let that poor man die from Amara’s poison.  On top of that, maybe I’m a bit clairvoyant, but I also guessed that she’d be turned into your staff.  Was this course of events pretty transparent?  Perhaps.  I ended up not minding it as much as I thought I would, though.  They added in other more mature elements, such as Jafar being the angry, illegitimate son of the ruler of Agrabah.  Maybe the Sultan can make an appearance and we’ll play witness to an epic Maury-style showdown.  “Sultan, you are the father!”  The way they set things up was also a neat twist.  A young boy from the gutter?  My mind automatically jumped to Aladdin, but this was OUATIW‘s way of keeping us on our toes.  And let’s not forget Jafar’s imprisoned lover.  It would be a long way down the show’s road, but the possibility of Amara somehow being freed and seeking vengeance is very nice.  Beware a woman’s scorn, Jafar.  She is going to mess you up, dude.

“You loved me.” ~ Amara

“No, you loved me.” ~ Jafar

Anastasia and WillWe need to know what happened between Anastasia and Will.  I NEED TO KNOW.  Why?  Whatever happened between the two of them to make their relationship go south, Anastasia feels bad about it.  Insanely bad.  So bad that she tries to sneak Will out of Wonderland to save his life, risking her own in the process.  Let’s be real.  If her plan had succeeded and Jafar had found out that she was the culprit, the Red Queen would have been toast.  At the same time, she’s either incredibly smart or one hell of a coward.  She allows Jafar to torture Will without protest.  We can visibly see Anastasia is uncomfortable with what’s happening, but she lets it happen anyway.  Maybe it’s because she knows Jafar can overpower her, or maybe Will just isn’t worth the risk in her book.  I’m hoping the television gods hear our prayers and give us an Anastasia episode next week, because even though this is the love story of Alice and Cyrus, Will and Anastasia are easily becoming the two most interesting and captivating characters in the show.

“Don’t you see, darling?  You are in prison.” ~ Red Queen

CyrusThere is something wonderfully endearing about our newest addition.  Lizard has spunk, and she’s got a thing for Will.  She’s currently hiding that fact, but I know it. You know it.  We all know it.  Don’t know how Will feels about it or if he even knows at all, but it seems our lovable burglar is both popular and unpopular with the ladies (let us recall Silvermist’s attempt to drown him).  Not only do we have Lizard, but Cyrus might be playing a more prominent role soon.  After all, he is busting out of his cage! It’s time to see what the genie can do.  Love is two-way street.  Instead of Alice being the only one doing the searching, let’s see if they can find each other.

“The Serpent” was balanced and quite enjoyable with solid performances from all of the actors.  Whenever I sit down for an episode, I am legitimately excited to see what happens next.  I shush other people in the room, and I don’t feel bad about it.  You can’t miss a thing with this show because every single detail is important.  Don’t miss “Heart of Stone” next week.  I know I won’t.