Thor: The Dark World Comedy Central TV Spot Featuring Loki

Thor The Dark World promo poster

Commercials are so overlooked these days. When another trailer for a movie comes on, you might get the urge to change the channel because you’ve seen that same spot so many times. But here’s something completely different. Comedy Central has made a special promo for Marvel’s Thor: The Dark World, offering us something that we didn’t know we even wanted: Loki pushing around small children.

Is this not simpler than normal movie trailers? Is this not our natural state to be annoyed by cute children? It’s the unspoken truth of humanity that we crave more TV spots featuring Tom Hiddleston being Loki at people. (And possibly a movie about it.)

Thor: The Dark World will be released in theaters November 8 in the US and is currently showing in the UK. Like the commercial? Were you made to be ruled? Let us know in the comments below!