Castle S6 Ep7 – Like Father, Like Daughter

When this show isn’t doing a comedic episode, its best eps are those that focus on the strength of family relationships. This one was the latter, and it was very, very good.

The next step would have been throwing them into the ceiling.

The next step would have been throwing them into the ceiling.

The case this week is that of a convicted murderer, Frank, who’s going to be executed in 72 hours. Alexis has been fighting for his exoneration through the Innocence Project, and although she’s still angry at her dad for his behavior toward Pi last week, she enlists his help to prove Frank’s innocence in his remaining hours. At this point, Castle is willing to do almost anything to get back in Alexis’ good graces.

It doesn’t take too long for Castle to start seeing a few things in Frank’s case that no one else noticed or bothered to notice. The rest of the gang at the precinct add their help, as well. But when it looks like Frank’s younger brother is the guilty one, Frank reveals that he’s known this all along. He refuses to ruin his brother’s life.

In the end, thankfully, there’s more than enough evidence to lead a judge to exonerate Frank as well as implicate one of the guys the victim used to tutor (in chemistry – because he wanted to know how to make meth. I haven’t even watched Breaking Bad and I’m guessing that’s a reference). And through this process, Alexis decides to forgive her dad. All is right with the world again.

Things I enjoyed: Castle telling Beckett they should get married in space. I’m down with that – especially if their spaceship looks a bit like a certain serene bioluminescent insect. I also loved that Beckett was anxious about how she’s going to fit in, in the already long-established Castle family of Rick and his daughter. We needed to see her processing this very believable worry. Glad Lanie was there to help her work through it.

In a similar vein, it was good that there wasn’t much joking surrounding Castle’s justified anxiety at being the last hope to save a man’s life. Sure, he’s been in a lot of high-pressure situations over the years, but this was still a first for him. Also glad he got at least a few silly moments in the ep. Gotta have those.

A minor nitpick before I end with my favorite part of the episode: I’m pretty sure Mr. Professional Writer should have said they found out it was “neither Frank NOR John”, not “neither Frank OR John”. Come on now.

Let's have more of this, show. This is good stuff.

Let’s have more of this, show. This is good stuff.

But that pales in comparison to how much I beamed at the end, when Castle was watching Alexis thank Beckett for her help, with a big smile on his own face. Aww. I hope we get to see Alexis and Beckett have more than a few good conversations – and that we hear some of them.

So, where do you think Rick & Kate will actually end up getting married: someplace traditional, or in zero gravity? Share your theories in the comments.