Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. S1 Ep06 – F.Z.Z.T.

Agents of SHIELD, s1 ep06--close up on Ward while skydiving

The Man of Blue Steel

However, the plot felt almost secondary to the characters here, which is something that I’m grateful for. Character should be the heart of the show and that has been one of their biggest failings, but part of that is because their characters are so bland and superficial that it’s hard to care about them. Fitz and Simmons are funny, and I liked seeing more of them, but I still don’t feel like I know them. Ward and Skye I’ve complained about enough, and Melinda May does not get the screen time she deserves. But Coulson is who I think most of us are watching the show for, and his mystery is taking an interesting turn. He knows there’s something different about himself, so he tried to uncover it with a physical. Good idea, but it turned up nothing (unless high levels of iron means something…does it?). Of course it’s also possible that whoever ran his blood work lied and sent fake results, but if we assume that no one lied and the instruments weren’t off, Coulson is perfectly healthy and normal. But he feels the difference, which means it’s not just a fluke. His last scene with May was another emotional character moment, and it even hinted at a previous trauma in May’s life—probably whatever made her leave the field for a boring desk job. This episode had some of the strongest character moments so far, a trend I hope they continue.

As for Ward and Skye: I want less telling and more showing. Skye talked about how Ward has been treating her, but we still haven’t gotten quite the confrontation between them that I’d hoped. We haven’t seen them interacting very much since her betrayal and that is hurting the believability of the current relationship. If the writers want to develop these characters into something that won’t send me to sleep the second they start talking, then this plot point is a great way to delve into that. I hope they take the hint, but I also kind of hope they don’t spend too much time on it, drawing it out until no one cares anymore. I don’t care for Ward or Skye at the moment. This development could change that, but if it doesn’t then I don’t want to be subjected to the further snooze-inducing interactions of these two.

Next week, we get to see clearance level 8. And they’re changing the groupings up with Ward and Fitz in danger this time. Maybe Ward will be more interesting with a different character to play off of…


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