Sequels Announced for the Ender’s Game Book Series

Orson Scott CardOrson Scott Card, the author of Ender’s Game and a professor at Southern Virginia University, has recently announced plans for a new set of sequels for Ender’s Game. The original book itself is the first part of a series that follows the story of Ender Wiggin through his time at Battle School and his days after the end of the war against the Buggers. There is also a companion series called the Shadow Series that follows other aspects of the world including other character’s points of view on the same events and what’s going down on Earth.

The new series is going to be for young adults and will illustrate what happens to Battle School once the war is over. Card explains that it will be about how the school is repurposed into a Fleet School to educate new explorers and commanders to use for colony expansion. He also emphasizes that the Battle Rooms will still be there.

Also, recently released as an audiobook is Ender’s Game Alive, which is the story of Ender’s Game  that is dramatized by voice actors rather than be narrated.  Get a copy from Amazon here.